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ModId 0.1.3 (This readme file is based on that found in ModKeen 2.0.1)

Copyright (c)2016-2017 Owen Pierce. Thanks to NY00123 and Ian Hanschen for their assistance.

ModId release History

v 0.1.3: February 28, 2020

  • K456 sprite export: Clip the bounding box part of exported bitmaps in the horizontal dimension so that it doesn't protrude into the graphics part of the bitmap.
  • Try creating output dir before exporting.
  • keen456.c: Read CKPatch %version field from .def file instead of assuming hardcoded version 1.4, using CKPATCHVER field if present.
  • Add CKPATCHVER to the Bio Menace, Keen Dreams and Keen 4-6 .def files.

v 0.1.2: June 10, 2017

  • def and palette files updates.
  • VGA fonts are now exported as 8-bpp bmps (S3DNA fix).
  • Added -optimizedcomp.
  • Masked 16x16 tile no. 0 is now imported as-is, rather than being replaced with a sparse tile. This was done so the Wolfenstein 3D alpha's graphics can be exported and then imported back as-is.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Expected internal format of VGA masked 16x16 tiles changed, for compatibility with the Wolfenstein 3D alpha from March. Unfortunately this means, that if a graphics mod was made using an older version of ModId for importing VGA masked 16x16 tiles, a new VGAGRAPH file has to be re-created. In addition, the tiles' masks have to be added separately. The -16color option has no effect on VGA masked 16x16 tiles, and the masks are always separated from the color data.

v 0.1: March 10, 2016 Initial release

Based on LModkeen 2 (c) 2007 Ignacio R. Morelle ( Based on Modkeen 2.0.1 Copyright (c)2002-2004 Andrew Durdin. ( Greetings and thanks to Anders Gavare and Daniel Olson for their assistance.

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required.
  2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.
  3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.

ModKeen 2.0.1 Revision History:

14 March 2004: Version 2.0.0 Initial public release 1 April 2004: Version 2.0.1 Fixed bug in Keen 1-3 importing where different data types were not paragraph-aligned.


ModId is a tool for modifying games that were created with the 16-bit DOS engines that Id Software developed in the early 1990s. ModId is a command-line utility that will export graphics from these games into BMP files, and import those BMPs back into the graphics archives used by these games. Such games include Commander Keen, Bio Menace, Catacomb 3-D, Rescue Rover, Wolfenstein 3D (VGAGRAPH only), Dangerous Dave, and possibly others.

ModId allows you to:

  • Change tiles
  • Change sprites
  • Change other images used in the menus and game
  • Change the fonts
    • Alter game texts and special cutscene formats

In fact, in the cases of EGA and CGA graphics, ModId allows you to totally recreate the appearance of these Id games.


ModId now supports modification of Commander Keen 1-6 and Keen Dreams, as well as Catacomb 3-D and other games based on the same tech. For some games, including the Keens, in order to modify them you will need either UNP or UNLZEXE to decompress the games' EXE files, and also Admiral Bob's CKxPatch utilities, version 0.9.0 or later. You can get these here:

ModId requires definition files, which are not required by ModKeen. These definition files specify the structure of the game archive. ModId also allows you to use 256-color bitmaps, and it supports CGA, EGA and VGA graphic archives.


Before using ModId, set up a copy of the game you wish to mod in its own directory. I recommend creating a subdirectory in there to hold the BMP files, but it's not necessary.

For some games, including Keen 4-6, you'll need to decompress the EXE file with UNP or UNLZEXE, and you'll need CKxPatch to run the game after you've imported the graphics, so copy that into your mod directory also.

For other games, like Bio Menace, there is no need to decompress the EXE or use CKxPatch, since there is no data to get from the EXE. To be more specific, this data resides in the xGAHEAD and xGADICT files, where x should be substituted with C (CGA), E (EGA) or V (VGA).

Open a command prompt in the directory where your mod will be. To export the graphics into BMP files, run ModId with the -export command (see below for details of the switches). After editing the bitmaps, you can use the -import command to load them back into the game.

ModId accepts the following switches:

-gamedef="PATH" Specifies the path to the definition file. This switch is required.

-export Specifies that you wish to export all the game data into BMP files. Either this switch or -import must be specified.

-import Specifies that you wish to import the BMP files into the game. Either this switch or -export must be specified.

-gamedir="DIRECTORY" Specifies the directory where the game files to export from or import to can be found. If the directory does not exist, then ModId will abort with an error message. If this switch is not specified, then ModId will look in the current directory.

-bmpdir="DIRECTORY" Specifies the location where the BMP files to export to or import from should be created. If the directory does not exist, then ModId will abort with an error message. If this switch is not specified, then ModId will create the bitmaps in the current directory.

-backup Specifies that ModId should backup all the files it changes. ModId will create backups by appending ".bak" and a number onto the filename. ModId will never delete or overwrite a previous backup, but will create a new backup instead.

-help ModId will provide a brief summary of the switches that it supports.

-16color ModId will use 16 colors and create a separate mask. Note that this does not apply if VGA graphics are being altered.

Usage examples:

If you want to mod Keen 4 Apogee EGA version 1.4's graphics, they're present in a "keen4e" dir along with an EXE unpacked with UNLZEXE, and you want all exported data to reside in a "modwip" dir, use a command like this:

modid -gamedef=path\to\def\keen4_ega_apogee_14.def -export -gamedir=keen4e -bmpdir=modwip

After editing the files under "modwip", if you want to prepare them for use in the game itself, and you have a copy of the Keen 4 EXE under the "keen4mod" dir, use a command looking like this:

modid -gamedef=path\to\def\keen4_ega_apogee_14.def -import -gamedir=keen4mod -bmpdir=modwip

Note that on some platforms (e.g., Linux), case sensitivity might have an impact. In the Keen 4 EGA case, it is currently assumed that the egagraph.ck4 file name is lowercase. The game EXE name is defined in the DEF file (e.g., keen4_ega_apogee_14.def).


By default, ModId outputs the graphics into 256-color BMP files in the directory specified with the -bmpdir switch. Below is a listing of the files it produces. In the filenames, "xxx" is the game extension, and "nnnn" a four-digit number; the first BMP file for each type of data is numbered 0000.

xxx_pic_nnnn.BMP The variable-sized bitmap images used in menus, ending sequences, Catacomb 3-D's walls and sprites, and other varying purposes. These BMP files must always be a multiple of 8 pixels wide.

xxx_picm_nnnn.BMP Keen 4-6 and related: Masked variable-width bitmaps used in-game. These BMP files must always be a multiple of 16 pixels wide. If the -16color switch is used, the right-hand half of the bitmap is the transparency mask; it is white where the bitmap should be transparent, and black where it should be opaque.

xxx_sprite_nnnn.BMP The variable-sized sprite images used in the game. These BMP files must always be a multiple of 24 pixels wide, and consist of two equal sections. The left hand section is the sprite image, and the right-hand edge shows the clipping rectangle for the sprite. If the -16color switch is used, an additional section of the same size should be added to the middle, being the transparency mask. In the game, the clipping rectangle marks the part of the sprite which collides with other objects. For Keen 1-3, you can set the clipping rectangle by changing the size and/or location of the bright red rectangle. For Keen 4-6, Catacomb 3-D and related titles, see the xxx_sprite.txt entry below.

xxx_tile16.bmp, xxx_tile16m.bmp These are the tiles used in the game. For episodes using the Vorticons engine, only xxx_tile16.bmp will be present, containing all the 16x16 tiles, organised into 13 columns. For episodes based on the Dreams/Galaxy engine, xxx_tile16.bmp will contain all the 16x16 background-layer tiles, organised into 18 columns; xxx_tile16m.bmp contains all the 16x16 foreground-layer masked tiles, organised into 18 columns. If the -16color switch is used, the right-half of the bitmap shall contain the transparency masks.

xxx_tile8_.bmp, xxx_tile8m.bp (Keen Dreams/Galaxy, Catacomb 3-D and Wolfenstein 3D based games) These contain the unmasked and masked 8x8 tiles, respectively.

xxx_fon_nnnn.bmp These are the fonts used in the game. The fonts are divided into 16x16 equal-sized cells, each containing a single character. For episodes based on the Vorticons engine, only one font file is present; it is a multicoloured font with an opaque background. For episodes based on the Galaxy engine, all the fonts are black and white only, although they can have variable-width characters: each character is drawn in white on a black background the width of the character, with dark grey filling the rest of the cell.

xxx_sprites.txt (Galaxy only): This file contains extra information about each sprite. Each line in the file has the sprite number, followed by the four clipping rectangle co- ordinates in square brackets [top, left, bottom, right], followed by the sprite origin in square brackets [top, left], followed by the number of shifts the sprite uses. The origin of the sprite image is the point from which its location is calculated. For example, the hand sprite in Keen 5 (ck5_sprite_0291.BMP) has several images. The origin for each of these images is in the centre of the "eye", so that as the hand rotates, the different sprite images all appear to rotate about the eye. The origin coordinates are given in pixels from the top-left corner of the sprite image. The shifts is the number of different copies of the sprite image that are stored in memory, and can be 1, 2, or 4. As a general rule, the more shifts a sprite has, the smoother it moves, but the more memory it takes up. If you are making a very large sprite, you can reduce the number of shifts to save memory. But if you have a small sprite and want it to move more smoothly, increase the number of shifts.

xxx_txt_str.txt (Galaxy Only): These text files contain the help, story, and end-game text. Each file consists of plain text, with embedded commands for displaying pictures and creating new pages. The commands you can use are: ^P Marks the beginning of a page. ^Gy,x,n Displays bitmap number (n - 6) at pixel location x,y on the screen. ^Cc Changes the text to colour c, which is a single hex digit, 0-9 or A-F. ^Ly,x Following text will be written beginning at pixel location x,y. ^Ty,x,n,t After a delay of t ??UNITS??, displays bitmap number (n - 6) at pixel location x, y on the screen. ^By,x,w,h,c Fills the w-by-h-pixel rectangle at pixel location x,y with colour 4 (the c parameter is ignored in version 1.4). ^E Marks the end of the text.

xMSCnnnn.BIN Episodes 4, 5, and 6 only: These are binary files needed for correct operation of Keen. Two of them are the initial "Initializing..." and the final "Thanks for Playing" color text screens, which you can edit with an ANSI editor. The other .BIN files should not be modified. (Galaxy Only): These are the demos that are shown in the game. Using the F10+D cheat, you can record your own demos, and then import them back into the game, so that you have demos of your own levels.

KEENx.PAT (Galaxy Only): After importing, this .PAT file is created in the directory specified with the -gamedir switch. It contains the command "%egahead EGAHEAD.CKx", which causes CKxPatch to load the new EGAHEAD file into memory. After importing, you must run Keen using CKxPatch with this patch file, or it will crash.

That's it! Have fun with ModId!


Tool for generating graphics archive files for the 16-bit DOS games made by Id software.






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