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Language Server Protocol

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Welcome to the Swift implementation of the Language Server Protocol. This provides a complete implementation of v3.0 of the spec. The intention is to allow for the building of language servers with the Swift language.

There are two other projects that serve as an illustration on how to integrate with Visual Studio Code:

  • vscode-swift - The VS Code hosting integration. This packages [swift-langsrv] and includes other Swift language enhancements, such as syntax highlighting and snippets.
  • swift-langsrv - The Swift Language Server based on this library.

Design Breakdown

The system is broken up into parts that are designed to be interchangeable. Each layer of the system is agnostic of the other layers, except for the data contracts that between each layer. The entirety of the contract is defined in LanguageServerProtocol.swift.

The basic flow through the system looks like this:

An InputBuffer receives data from a some source, say stdin. It takes that data and converts it into a Message based on the spec. That message is then translated by an implementation of a MessageProtocol type, say JsonRpcProtocol. At this point, the raw message has been converted into a transport-agnostic LanguageServerCommand that can be used by any implementation of your own language server type.

The design of this system to both conform to the Language Server Protocol spec while also providing some leeway on how each of the layers interact. For instance, with this design, it is completely possible to change the input source to be IPC and the message format to be a binary representation.

Copyright (c) Kiad Studios, LLC. All rights reserved. Licensed under the MIT License. See License in the project root for license information.


A Swift implementation of the LanguageServerProtocol spec.




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