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Redis HA connector


CI Job Matrix

Target System Toolchain Note
Linux GCC
Linux GCC-11
Linux Clang With libc++
Linux GCC 4.8
MinGW64 GCC Static linking
MinGW64 GCC Dynamic linking
Windows Visual Studio 2019 Static linking
Windows Visual Studio 2019 Dynamic linking
Windows Visual Studio 2017 Legacy,Static linking
macOS AppleClang With libc++


  1. auto reconnect
  2. support redis cluster
  3. [TODO] support redis sential
  4. support raw redis connection


git clone;
mkdir -p hiredis-happ/build_jobs_dir && cd hiredis-happ/build_jobs_dir;
# cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo
cmake .. ;
cmake --build . ;

# for install only, if not installed, all header files are in [BUILDDIR]/include, all libraries files are in [BUILDDIR]/lib
cmake --build . -- install

Custom CMake Options

  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE: This cmake option will be default set to RelWithDebInfo.(Please add -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo when used in product environment)
  • BUILD_SHARED_LIBS: Default set to OFF
  • ENABLE_BOOST_UNIT_TEST: If using boost.unittest for test framework(default: OFF)
  • PROJECT_HIREDIS_HAPP_ENABLE_SAMPLE: If building samples(default: OFF)
  • PROJECT_HIREDIS_HAPP_ENABLE_UNITTEST: If building unittest(default: OFF)


See sample_cluster_cli for redis cluster practice and sample_raw_cli for raw redis connection.

Both happ_cluster and happ_raw support auto reconnecting and retry when cmd failed.

You can also custom how to print log by using set_log_writer to help you to find any problem.


See doc


This lib only support Request-Response commands now.(means every request should has only one response).

Unsupport Commands

  • subscribe
  • unsubscribe
  • monitor

Directory list

3rd_party -- script for 3rd party libraries

doc -- document

include -- include files

project -- project configure

src -- source

sample -- samples

test -- unit test

tools -- misc tools