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"Automating the Build of your Technical Presentation" -- The Template

This is a template for technical presentations written in Markdown, generating PDF output using Pandoc and Beamer. Source code snippets are included using pandoc-include-code. Diagrams are generated using Graphviz and/or PlantUML.



All the above dependencies' executables need to be on your PATH.


  1. Download this repository as a ZIP file, or clone it with git, and start hacking away at your own presentation!
  2. Write your slides in src/ There's a number of examples on how you can include content and write notes in the existing file.
  3. Add Graphviz diagrams to src/uml/*.uml.txt and PlantUML diagrams to src/uml/*.uml.txt. There are some examples provided that you can modify or remove.


Make slide handouts and slides with notes:

make slides

Start pdfpc presenter:

make present


Mozilla Public License Version 2.0