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Utilities for working with OWIN
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Latest commit 1fc1f43 @Tratcher Tratcher Merge pull request #115 from damianh/patch-2
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.nuget Updates for crossplatform build
contributors Adding contributor license details
dependencies Adding custom build of Manos binaries
src Putting extension methods into Owin namespace
tools rake build script. build, test, produce zips and nugets
Gate.5.0.ReSharper Code formatting
Gate.5.1.ReSharper trying to stop resharper code formatting from indenting everything to…
Gate.Mono.sln added BasicAuth and Predicate middleware
Gate.sln Breaking Gate's IAppBuilder extensions into another library
LICENSE.txt Adding LICENSE and NOTICE files
NOTICE.txt Updating copyright holders on OWIN product Update
Sakefile.shade Putting extension methods into Owin namespace
build Updating build script
build.cmd Updating build script

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