A collectively authored real-time pixel doodle couchapp.
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Nite-Brite is a picture that everyone is drawing at the same time.

  • Choose a color
  • Click to add a pixel
  • Or sit back and watch what everyone else is drawing

Here's an example

Nerd Words

Nite-Brite is a couchapp that enables collaboration on a single pixel-drawing in real-time. Each pixel is a couchdb document with an _id in this scheme:

x,y,r,g,b,timestamp in milliseconds,latitude,longitude

Ex: 230,311,18,52,86,1325962878384,37.8087081,-122.2467254

All of the parameters up to the timestamp are required, the location info is optional. The timestamp is useful because it creates a history for the drawing and encourages collaborators because their additions will not simply be overwritten. Location is in there because it allows us to subdivide the drawing further.