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OWLTools Build Instructions

The OWLTools use maven as a build tool.

These instructions assume that a valid maven installation is available. The recommended maven version is 3.0.x, whereby x denotes the latest release for this branch.

Building OWLTools

Option 1: Command line

1) Change into to the folder of OWLTools-Parent

2a) Run command: mvn clean install: This will trigger a complete build of all OWLTools projects and generate the required jars for execution. Remark: As part of the build the tests are executed. Any failed test will stop the build.

2b) Build without test execution (Not Recommended): Run command: mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip.exec=true

Option 2: Eclipse

Requires either:

  • Eclipse 3.7
  • Eclipse 3.6 with installed maven plugin m2e

Use the provided Eclipse launch configurations to trigger the build. The configuration are located in the OWLTools-Parent/eclipse-configs folder.

Running OWLTools (Unix and MacOS)

Running OWLTools requires a successful build, as described in the previous section.

  • OWLTools Command-Line Tools: The executables and the generated jar are both located in OWLTools-Runner/bin

  • OORT: The executables and the generated jar are both located in OWLTools-Oort/bin

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