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Because we calculate the closures with the expression materializing reasoner, we need a consistent ontology

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OWLTools Build Instructions

The OWLTools use maven as a build tool.

These instructions assume that a valid maven installation is available. The recommended maven version is 3.0.x, whereby x denotes the latest release for this branch.

Update: OWLTools also requires git. Only a proper clone via git, will allow the build to complete.

During the build process, we extract the git version and branch information. These details (and the build date) will be added to the manifest of the jar. If the .git folder is not available the build process will fail.

Building OWLTools

Prerequiste: Get source from Git

git clone

Option 1: Command line

1) Change into to the folder of OWLTools-Parent

2a) Run command: mvn clean install: This will trigger a complete build of all OWLTools projects and generate the required jars for execution. Remark: As part of the build the tests are executed. Any failed test will stop the build.

2b) Build without test execution (Not Recommended): Run command: mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip.exec=true

Option 2: Eclipse

Requires either:

  • Eclipse 3.7
  • Eclipse 3.6 with installed maven plugin m2e

Use the provided Eclipse launch configurations to trigger the build. The configuration are located in the OWLTools-Parent/eclipse-configs folder.

Running OWLTools (Unix and MacOS)

Running OWLTools requires a successful build, as described in the previous section.

  • OWLTools Command-Line Tools: The executables and the generated jar are both located in OWLTools-Runner/bin

  • OORT: The executables and the generated jar are both located in OWLTools-Oort/bin

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