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Updates for

This site serves as the official repository for all updates log. The following are updates log categorised by months.

Use "Updates for {month year}"

The bullet point used (e.g. "10." will represent the date in the respective months)

Sept 2019

  1. Website restored, server updates 100+ with system packages, CMS update 20+, fixes and administrative fixes applied

Aug 2019

No Updates, Website remained down

July 2019

  1. Server update, 80+ packages. Website software updated regularly.

June 2019

  1. Introducing our cheap unlimited hosting service: unlimited hosting services

  2. Huge performance updates, purged sitewide cache. Update colour scheme from #dd5858 to #464856. This includes update to colours of the top bar, etc.

  3. Some visual improvements and performance updates. Routine server check and updates. Manual server restart initiated. Some videos are removed from the site as they are unsatisfactory to our standards.

  4. Major updates to previous Wise Hosting Services Facebook page to reflect Owl Hosting Services website including website URL update and About Info updates and product updates.

  5. Some recent removal of videos that violates our Video Listing Standards & Policies.

May 2019

  1. Updates on server and packages, database repair.
  2. Update to main page general video statistic. Updates and investigation to massive downtime.
  3. Review frequent overload and downtime issues (performance) and suggest changes to the site.
  4. Install updates on server and site. Disabled plugin that led to performance issue, hence removing the functionality.
  5. Website was down for more than 24 hours due to a change in IP address not updated in our DNS records. We are sorry for the inconvenience and for the downtime. A recent update has allowed access to the site for some countries. Please clear your DNS cache if you are still unable to access the site and wait for at least another 10 mins for the changes to propagate worldwide. The change in IP address is initiated by the change in network configuration and from our ISP without our knowledge. Total recorded downtime: 2019-05-29 23:24:07 Connection Timeout 25 hrs, 25 mins

Apr 2019

  1. System upgrade and reboots have been performed.

Mar 2019

  1. Introduced status pages (new tab), fixed some errors and links.

  2. Video Campaigns! We are working on video campaigns and relationships to articles. More information and campaigns will be posted on our LinkedIn page and our website.

  3. Added Registration/Login Links on the front page (both redirects to the same signup/login page)

  4. Some videos are removed on my own discretion.

Feb 2019

Updates were not logged.

Jan 2019

  • 26 Jan 2019 Issues with video aggregation looking to be fixed Halting all website development for a period of time (busy)
  • 23 Jan 2019 Site went down for about 3-4 days Server upgrade Lost about 10,000 video posts Several updates to better aggregate videos Some performance fixes
  • 12 Jan 2019 Even more categories and videos added Noticed performance issues, trying to fix it Report feature added for all videos (top bar)
  • 10 Jan 2019 More new categories and posts added. Introduced more advanced aggregation Ads to keep us alive New number page navigation as opposed to just previous and next.
  • 06 Jan 2019 Major changes have been made to website structure, design and functionality. See new feature: aggregation of video data for a particular playlist: Some added pages:

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