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The easy date and time formatting functions for the Javascript.


You can use Sundial to find the difference between a date and the current time in human readable form (eg. Yesterday at 2:11pm).

sundial.humanDiff('2014-11-02T20:08:11.551Z ');
// Yesterday at 8:08pm

Also, you can format a Javascript Date object into a readble date or readable time using the following methods.

sundial.formattedDate(new Date()); // Aug 20
sundial.formattedTime(new Date()); // 2:11pm

Or, if you want, you can use the formattedDateTime method to get the date and time part combined.

sundial.formattedDateTime(new Date()); // Aug 20 @ 2:11pm

I had to write this code to implement the same in my own projects and thought it would be useful to many others too. I am planning to make it a more robust and feature-rich to work with time and dates (but no promises yet). - Mohit Mamoria


The Sundial project is open-sourced software licensed under MIT license.