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Bookmarks app


Developer setup info:


Just clone this repo into one of your apps directory.

Status :

Rewrite by [Stefan Klemm] aka ganomi (

  • This is a refactored / rewritten version of the bookmarks app using the app framework
  • Dependency Injection for user and db is used througout the controllers
  • The Routing features a consistent rest api
  • The Routing provides some legacy routes, so that for exampe the Android Bookmarks App still works.
  • Merged all the changes from and added visual fixes. App uses the App Framework Styling on the Client side now.

There is a publicly available api that provides access to bookmarks per user. (This is usefull in connection with the Wordpress Plugin

Public Rest Api (JSON Formatting):

Example Url:



  • user is a mandatory parameter. This will return all bookmarks from the specific user marked as public. (not yet possible!)
  • by providing the users password all bookmarks will be returned
  • tags[] can take multiple arguments and they are used to filter the requested bookmarks by tags
  • conjunction (default = or) sets the tag filter to OR or to AND
  • select[] takes multiple arguments. By default only url and title per bookmark are returned. Further you can select any attribute of the bookmarks table and also the attribute "tags"
  • sortby takes and attribute that results will be sorted by descending.


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