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Finally the windows phone app.

There is no official release yet.

Known file limitations:

  • You can launch any associated app in Remote Files view through phone's Internet Explorer. Local files cannot be opened in Explorer (Security Setting).

  • Local files can be viewed by stripped down Internet Explorer-View if their are HTML or text-based files.

  • Image files should be accessible via Internet Explorer too.

  • Audio & media files could be opened via API call to build-in MediaPlayer (if the media type will be recognized).

  • Currently there is no possibility to open Office-based files or PDF-documents from local storage (remote files will work).

  • No chance to edit any file. A tiny text editor is planned but all other file types are a hard piece of work.

  • However for WP8 there will be so called "file and uri associations" which will enable some kind of communication between apps and make file extensions callable.


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