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ownCloud Android app

Join development!

Build status: master stable

Start contributing: Make sure you read SETUP.md when you start working on this project. Basically: Fork this repository and contribute back using pull requests to the master branch. Easy starting points are also reviewing pull requests and working on junior jobs.

IRC channel: #owncloud-android on freenode IRC

License: GPLv2

Join testing!

If you are interested in testing the new features before being released and give us your feedback, please try out our beta channels:

Play Store

  1. Download ownCloud app from Play Store.
  2. Go to ownCloud tab in Play Store and scroll down to the end of the view.
  3. Press the I'M IN button to join the beta program and your final app will be replaced with the beta one.

Note: If you want to use the ownCloud production version you have to leave the beta program, uninstall the app, and reinstall the production version.


  1. Go to ownCloud tab in F-Droid.
  2. Open versions section.
  3. Download the latest version that contains beta in the name.