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SVG editor for ownCloud
Copyright by Florian Hülsmann, 2012
LGPLv3 (plugin, php and javascript code; if not otherwise mentioned in the specific file)
MIT License/Apache License (svg-edit,
MIT License (jsPDF,, originally
Creative Commons 3.0 by-sa (artwork, css stylesheets)
Florian Hülsmann <>
This app enables you to view, create and modify SVG files inside
the ownCloud user interface. It's also great as a tool for creating
PDF files and PNG graphics.
Copy this folder to your ownCloud's /apps/ directory, rename it to
"files_svgedit" and enable the app in the admin interface. Or use
the official ownCloud app repo (appstore) for the latest stable version.
To edit an SVG file, simply click on it in your directory listing.
Saving, exporting and downloading can be done when clicking "Save"
in the editor.
Updating svg-edit:
To get the latest trunk version of svg-edit, go to files_svgedit/
and execute the following commands:
rm -rf svg-edit
svn export svg-edit
cp svg-edit/embedapi.js js/svg-edit/
But you should first check if there've been changes to the svg-edit
project that could make it incompatible to ocsvg!