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Submitting Desktop Client issues

If you have questions about how to use the ownCloud Desktop Client, please direct these to the mailing list or our forum. We are also available on IRC.

Bug Reporting Guidelines

  • Important: Report the issue using our template, it includes all the information we need to track down the issue.
  • SECURITY: Report any potential security bug to following our security policy instead of filing an issue in our bug tracker
  • This repository is only for issues within the ownCloud desktop client. Issues in other components should be reported in their own repositores:
  • Search the existing issues first, it's likely that your issue was already reported.

If your issue appears to be a bug, and hasn't been reported, open a new issue.

Help us to maximize the effort we can spend fixing issues and adding new features, by not reporting duplicate issues.

Contributing to Source Code

Thanks for wanting to contribute source code to ownCloud. That's great!

Before we're able to merge your code to ownCloud Desktop Client, you need to sign our Contributor Agreement.

Please read the Desktop Client Manual and the Developer Manuals to get useful info like how to create your first application or how to test the ownCloud code with phpunit.


Please submit translations via Transifex.

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