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Skype contacts missing? #425

binarykitchen opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Hello guys

Whenever I merge a Skype contact with a real one and sync it to my owncloud server, I see the Skype contact is not on the server.

Looks like the Skype contact is not synced. And somehow when I restart my Android I have to merge the Skype contact again. A bug?


How is the Skype contact saved in the vCard? We don't strip any (valid) properties.

@tanghus tanghus added the Needs Info label

I do not know how exactly it works. All I do is this:

  1. Skype is managing it's own contact list
  2. Under "People" I can select which contacts to display.
  3. I select the Skype contacts
  4. Then I click on one, click on 'edit' and then 'join'
  5. I join it with an ownCloud Contact
  6. That ownCloud Contact has now the Skype name. Good.
  7. Then I sync to my owncloud server
  8. I open the contacts tab on my owncloud server and navigate to that contact
  9. When that contact is highlighted, I see the name and phone number which is fine. But NOT the Skype name.

That's how I can reproduce it. Give it a try. Does it work for you?


My guess is that step 4. doesn't actually write anything in the contact vCard, but rather links the two contacts together somehow. If you can export the contact to vCard on your device, and paste it - anonymized - here, I can check if I'm right.
I don't use android myself, so I can't help with how to do it, but ;)


Good point, you are right. I exported the contact to a vCard after step 4 and the Skype contact was NOT in the vCard. Grrrrr ...


You can try to do it the other way around and add the skype account to the contact from ownCloud web UI and see if Android implements rfc4770

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The other way works better but still not perfect:
The IM details for Skype are stored to the vCard.

But ...
the Skype contact and the ownCloud contact are still duplicate. I want them to be merged.

Interestingly the person app on Android displays the Skype contact I manually added on ownCloud web UI under IM. But when I merge the Skype contact with the real contact on my Android, then the Skype contact is shown under the section "Connections".

Why doesn't joining from Skype create the IM field? I do not want the connections.


Why doesn't joining from Skype create the IM field?

I'm really not the one to ask why Skype and/or Google has implemented it this way ;)


Where do you think I should raise this issue instead?


Skype and/or Google? (Good luck) It's not an ownCloud issue.


Great! Let's see what happens :)

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