zero file size on webdav #11340

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anarcat commented Sep 27, 2014

Steps to reproduce

  1. enable webdav on the owncloud frontend, get the WebDAV enpoint (say
  2. mount the webdav using davfs2 (apt-get install davfs2; mount -t davfs -o username=anarcat m
  3. sync files into the m directory

Expected behaviour

Files are uploaded and they are fully "there".

Actual behaviour

They look like they are present, but actually, they are empty in the frontend. The webdav mountpoints lists the proper size however.

This is similar to #968 but it still happens and affects the davfs2 client on Debian.

I have been able to work around the problem with:

use_locks 0

in /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf. Source:

Now it looks like the workaround works, but i suspect it may mean the filesystem becomes inconsistent. For example, after unmounting the directory where the webdav is mounted, the mount.davfs process is still running and churning through the file upload - and the files are simply missing from the frontend.

Server configuration

Operating system: Debian stable "wheezy" 7.6

Web server: Apache 2.2.22

Database: Mysql 5.5

PHP version: PHP 5.4.4

ownCloud version: 6.0.2

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: updated

<sorry - didn't have time to fill out the rest of the template>

@karlitschek karlitschek added the bug label Sep 27, 2014

@anarcat Thanks a lot for reporting issues back to us!

We need some more information to properly support you with your issue!

Can I ask you to follow our guidelines for submitting bugs as described here:

Thanks a lot!


most probably related to #9832 - which will be fixed in 7.0.3

@DeepDiver1975 DeepDiver1975 added Needs info and removed bug labels Sep 29, 2014
anarcat commented Sep 29, 2014

i tried to fill in some of it, sorry for not following the guidelines!


@anarcat thanks a lot - can you apply the patch as stated above - my best/wild guess is this might fix the issue for you. #9832


.... in addition log entries would be great - THX

anarcat commented Sep 29, 2014

did you rather mean #11041?

i'll try to dig that out for you.

anarcat commented Sep 29, 2014

well, i can't reproduce from this Debian Jessie client, no clue why, so I can't provide logs or test the patch.

I guess I'll just close this.. :/

@anarcat anarcat closed this Sep 29, 2014
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