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Sharing by link from within Shared folder broken #117

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I've tested the new version and found some issue fixed but share links don't work for ldap users. Those links get "owncloud cloud not found" when they try to share the file/folder.


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More info: It's when accessing the link, it only happens with ldap users, some kind of
issue with the user mapping I think.
All the ldap users are in a local group, the can share in owncloud, when they
share a link the link fails when accessing. The local user, the admin, has no
issues though.


Do I understand correctly: as LDAP user, you share a file by link. The link however throws an 404 ("owncloud cloud not found")? And it happens using 4.5.1?


Might be related to #89


More Info:
I've found the issue only to occur when a user, ldap or local, shares a file
via link within a directory shared by a other user within owncloud.
There are no problems with files outside of shared directories.
So the steps to reproduce would be the following.

  • create 2 users (user1, user2) both member of the same group (group1)
  • login as user1 and create a directory
  • share the directory with group1
  • logout and login as user2, go to the shared directory
  • upload a file and share the file with a link
  • open a second browser and open the link
  • the error "cloud not found" appears, the file cannot be downloaded I have reproduced this on a second owncloud instance on a different server. Any viewer app was disabled, only the following apps where active.
  • Archive support 0.2
  • Ldap user and group backend
  • Share files 0.3.3
  • Versions 1.0.2 Hope this helps.

Yes, this behaviour I can confirm.
It's an issue within Sharing, not related to LDAP.
@MTGap @schiesbn is it known or do you know where the problem could be?


I fixed this a few days ago (3b9c10d)

The fix is already part of 4.5.1a but not in 4.5.1! Can you try it with 4.5.1a or with stable45 branch from git?


I experienced it with the stable45 branch.


This problem exists for me as well despite clearly having the code from #117 (comment)


@schiesbn do you have an update?

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I can reproduce it. There seems to be more problems related to file creation in shared folders (see issue #325). As I understood @MTGap this is something which can't be solved that easily with the code we have at the moment. Maybe we have to wait for the new filesystem cache. @MTGap can you have a look at it. What do you think?


Honestly, it's a basic functionality and it might be hard to understand for users to wait for yet another release for fully working Sharing. Especially since it is entitled as a supported app.


@schiesbn this isn't related to issue #325 I'll try to look at it later, but my time is limited this week.


It is probably the same as #382 So this should also be solved with #380, right?


@schiesbn Could you test #380 with regard to this issue and give me your thumbs up when this is solved?


fix will be released with ownCloud 4.5.3

@schiesbn schiesbn closed this

I'm running 4.5.6 and still encounter this problem.
We are sharing a folder with mulitple users and all works fine. But when we try to access files by the share link, we get a 404.

What information do you need to reproduce this issue?


Please open a new bug for it. It's likely to have a different cause.


I agree. Still broken in 4.5.6


I created a new issue (#1382) for this. Please check if you can reproduce this behavior.

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