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I had my owncloud account in a over quota status (11.3GB used of the default 10GB)
I did see that most syncs have not been working as the files never showed up the in web UI.

  • The webUI did not mention that fact, I think we should/must informa then user about this
  • Perhaps send a mail to the user mentioning that the quota is almost used up, and one when the quota is completely used
  • In the various sync clients (Linux + Windows) the status was always "Sync completed", no mentioning that it could not sync because of the over quota condition!
  • In the Android client I just got the error "Upload ... failed", no reason why
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@danimo @dragotin is the handling of http 507 already implemented?
@MTRichards can you talk to the mobile devs to add http status code 507?
@jancborchardt your ux opinion please THX

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quota handling should fine in the client with 1.1.4 and later.

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In the Android app we have to do some improvements with the error information.


On serverside I have seen http status 507 is returned when over quota
so it seems to be a thing about showing the error to the user

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Regarding the web UI, a notification (the yellow one on top) on low storage or full storage is probably in order:

  • »Your storage is almost full (90%)
  • »Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore!«

When clicked, it will go to Personal settings, where the storage bar is.

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as #1059 is merged now and the client dev teams are aware of this (or even fixed this already) I'll close that one.

From my point of view backport stable45 is out of scope due to the size of the change

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