Maintenance and Release Schedule

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version release date end of life current version next version
10.0 2017-04-27 (LTS) 2020-05 10.0.9 (2018-07-17) 10.0.10 (2018-08)
9.1 2016-07-21 2018-02 9.1.8 (2018-03-14) End of Life
9.0 2016-03-08 2017-10 9.0.11 (2017-12-05) End of Life
8.2 2015-10-20 2017-05 8.2.11 (2017-04-18) End of Life
8.1 2015-07-07 2017-02 8.1.12 (2017-02-02) End of Life
8.0 2015-02-09 2016-10 8.0.16 (2016-11-08) End of Life
7.0 2014-06-23 2016-05 7.0.15 (2016-05-12) End of Life
6.0 2013-12-11 2015-09 6.0.9 (2015-07-07) End of Life
5.0 2013-03-14 2015-03 5.0.19 (2015-03-11) End of Life
4.5 2012-10-10 2013-07 4.5.13 (2013-07-10) End of Life
4.0 2012-05-22 2013-07 4.0.16 (2013-07-06) End of Life
3.0 2012-01-31 2012-04 3.0.3 (2012-04-27) End of Life
2.0 2011-10-11 2012-01 - End of Life
1.0 2010-06-24 2011-10 - End of Life

The information below is outdated and waiting for a rework.

ownCloud 11.0.0

Version Date
beta (feature freeze) TBA
rc1 TBA
Final packages TBA
Public announcement TBA
10.1.1 TBA
  • Feature freeze All new features have to be merged by then. Please submit your pull requests as soon as possible so that the reviewers have time to review and to give you feedback. I
  • Beta release Only important bugfixes are allowed from now on.
  • RC release Only showstopper bugfixes are allowed from now on. stable branches are created.


Starting with the release of ownCloud 8.0, new releases will be time based. Therefore a new major version of ownCloud will be released approximately every 4 months. As this will result in a significant version number increase, ownCloud has moved to a dot release schedule with version numbers like this x.y.z. In general, the x version number will change once a year, y will change every quarter, and z will change when patch and security releases are necessary.

The feature freeze of each version will be one month before the release dates.

In 2015 these version will be in the 8.-series, 2016 in the 9.-series, ... but keep in mind that every release is a major upgrade.

End of Life

To get a rough estimation of the End of Life of an ownCloud version: Go to the beginning of the next quarter after the release of a version and add 18 months.

Example: ownCloud 8.0 was released in the beginning of February 2015. The next quarter starts in April 2015 and adding 18 months result in October 2016.

Minor releases - Maintenance releases

Each ownCloud version will be maintained for 18 months:

  • months 1 to 6: minor updates, bug fixes and security fixes
  • months 7 to 12: bug fixes and security fixes
  • months 13 to 18: security fixes only

Update: Minor releases (versions that increase the third digit in the number) are now planned in 8 week time slots, with the exception of the first two following a major release (the X.Y.1 and X.Y.2 version). This means that roughly once every two months a minor release is created for each supported version.

  • Day 14/42 - last day of week 2/6 (.1/.2 vs any other update)
    • beta is released (zip files, tar balls and packages)
    • stable branches are locked
    • unfinished issues will go in next cycle
    • testing packages are provided from now on
  • Day 21/49 - last day of week 3/7
    • rc1 is released (zip files, tar balls and packages)
  • Day 28/56 - last day of week 4/8
    • final release (zip files, tar balls and packages)
  • Day 29/57 == Day 1 of next release cycle
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