Outreach Program for Women

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This page contains all the information about the opportunities with the ownCloud community for round 8 of the Outreach Program for Women (OPW) internships that will take place from May 19 through August 18, 2014.

See the program page for the schedule and more information on how to apply.

ownCloud program coordinators:

Project Ideas

Here is a list of projects we suggest: [Project ideas](Project ideas)

However, interns are encouraged to come up with their own project ideas and discuss them with potential mentors.

Contact information

We have two main mailing lists:

And the same goes for our IRC Channels on Freenode:

  • #owncloud for user support and discussion
  • #owncloud-dev for developer discussion

If you have a more specific question, feel free to ask it in our more specialized channels: #owncloud-design and #owncloud-testing

General contribution guidelines


owncloud inc. logo

ownCloud Inc. sponsors two ownCloud interns for round 8 (May-August 2014) of OPW.

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