Ubuntu One Migration

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Hello Ubuntu One users!

Canonical is shutting down Ubuntu One. We hope we can offer you a great cloud solution under your control, either self-hosted or at one of our providers.

For self hosting, there is a Juju Charm for ownCloud. Just run

juju deploy owncloud
juju expose owncloud

For larger instances (anything more than a gigabyte or two of medium and small files), it is recommended to use mysql:

juju deploy mysql
juju add-relation mysql owncloud

and you might want nfs, too:

juju deploy nfs
juju add-relation nfs owncloud

If you prefer normal packaging, you can get packages for a series of different distributions here.

Below is a list of the functionality offered by Ubuntu One vs ownCloud.

Ubuntu One ownCloud
provider hosted your choice of providers
File syncing clients desktop and mobile clients
Calendar syncing Calendar app with syncing
Contacts syncing Contact app with syncing
Music Browser based music app with ampache API support
Video Browser based video player
WebDAV access WebDAV access
Bookmarks sync Mozilla Sync app
Notes notes app sync via apps and desktop client
More Please add...

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And since ownCloud is all open source, you can contribute!