ownCloud 5 Features

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This collects all the new features of ownCloud 5. This will be used for the release announcement.

Main Features

  • Improved gallery
  • Improved media player
  • Improved Bookmark app
  • File undelete (planned)
  • Improved versioning with intelligent expire
  • External API Framework
  • Provisioning API
  • New server side encryption system (planned)
  • Rewritten filecache for improved performance (planned)
  • Improved external filesystem support for improved Performance
  • New userinterface (planned)
  • PHP apps framework
  • Improved documentation
  • Editable User Display Names
  • LDAP now searches in attributes, not only in the ownCloud username. Search attributes can be configured
  • Multiple User/Group bases can be configured in the LDAP backend
  • LDAP backend supports paged results if the server offers it (requires PHP 5.4)
  • An LDAP/AD backup resp. replica host can be configured
  • Multiple LDAP / AD servers can be configured
  • Improved Categories/Groups API
  • Contacts app organizes contacts by groups + other UI changes
  • Reverse SSL Proxy support

Minor Features

  • New navigation design
  • support for X-Sendfile / X-Accel-Redirect : https://github.com/owncloud/documentation/blob/master/admin_manual/xsendfile.rst
  • with X-Sendfile/X-Accell-Redirect enabled pause and resume of download is now possible #409
  • Security: Support for Content-Security-Policy, this seriously mitigates the risk of XSS attacks.
  • Mount.php is now stored as JSON
  • LDAP backend does not store the user home directories in user preferences anymore
  • Support for Routed urls
  • PDF viewer: Updated pdf.js version, better performance and search function.
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