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Infinite Scale Documentation

Table of Contents

Building the Infinite Scale Docs

The Infinite Scale documentation is not built independently. Instead, it is built together with the main documentation. However, you can build a local copy of the Infinite Scale documentation to preview changes you are making.

Whenever a Pull Request of this repo gets merged, it automatically triggers a full docs build.

General Notes

To make life easier, most of the content written in docs applies also here. For ease of reading, the most important steps are documented here too. For more information see the link provided. Only a few topics of this repo are unique like the branching.

Generating the Documentation

See the Generating the Documentation in the docs repo for more details as it applies to all documentation repositories.

Important Notes

  • When the Infinite Scale dev team creates a new service and merges the code, you must add a new service page in the services folder using the service name as document name. If this is omitted, ALL new and pending doc (!!) PR's will error with target of xref not found because of missing reference targets. These references originate in the env-vars-special-scope.adoc document which uses sources from the ocis repo containing automatically generated content where the referenced target is missing in the admin docs.

Target Branch and Backporting

See the following section as the same rules and notes apply.

Branching Workflow

Please refer to the Branching Workflow for the Infinite Scale for more information.

Create a New Version Branch for Infinite Scale

Please refer to Create a New Version Branch for Infinite Scale for more information.