scrolling file lists in public share greater than windows size not possible #90

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roha4000 commented Jan 4, 2016

Commit 72069f4 introduced a 100% heigth in css/style.css. This makes scrolling file lists larger than windows size impossible.

OC Version 8.2.2 EE

Steps to reproduce

  • create folder
  • share folder via link
  • create a lot of files / folders in the shared folder
  • visit the public link with a separate browser and reduce windows height

The list items cannot be scrolled which makes the last entries unavailable.

Quick solution
Uncomment line 3 in css/style.css. The file list is scrollable again but the white border at the bottom in pdf preview will reappear. You can also disable the files_pdfviewer app if you cannot modifiy files.

fuerst commented Jan 11, 2016

Confirm that. See also issues owncloud/core#21373, owncloud/core#21203 and owncloud/core#19886. Possible solution is to have PDF Viewer add a body class and use this to restrict its style to the PDF Viewer. Don't know though if an app can add body classes.


@Henni Thoughts?


Hi all,

This also affects the gallery app from a shared link, removing the css fixes issue.
OC v8.2.2 files_pdfviewer v 0.7


I confirm this issue for public shares - behaves the same on Firefox 43 and Chrome 47 on Linux Mint 17.2., Owncloud 8.2.2 and PDF viewer 0.7.

Disabling PDF Viewer 0.7 indeed temporarily serves as a suboptimal workaround. Clearly the other issues mentioned by fuerst are more or less duplicates of this same bug, only the workarounds which CSS to modify differ.

When logged in as user (Firefox 43) no problems even with PDF viewer enabled.

Henni commented Jan 12, 2016

Is this issue just occurring on 8.2.2 or can anyone also reproduce it on other versions of owncloud?


Hi @Henni,

I only got this issue in OC8.2.2, it was fine in OC8.2.1.
A quick check on the css on 8.2.1 shows a very different style.css.

Henni commented Jan 12, 2016

@mhzawadi thanks

fuerst commented Jan 12, 2016

Same here: at ownCloud 8.2.1 and PDF Viewer 0.7 the height of the #content DIV is set to initial by public.css.

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