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v0.9.4 2019-03-18
* support for PHP 7.3 (#687)
* minor fixes on some localizations (e.g. #679)
* fix playlist files being incorrectly listed as audio tracks (#674 by @greku)
* fix play controls being nigh invisible with the Nextcloud dark theme (#688 by @Faldon)
v0.9.3 2018-12-09
* replace deprecated call `getScrollbarWidth()` with `OC.Util.getScrollbarWidth()` (#667)
* update the getID3 library to version 1.9.16
* fix a bug on music library path changing when the previous library root is no longer present
* slightly tweak the width threshold between the "desktop" and "tablet" layouts
* declare support for Nextcloud 16
* declare support for ownCloud 10 (i.e. all 10.x versions instead of the former 10.1; oC is moving to semantic versioning)
v0.9.2 2018-09-16
* fix settings link not showing up on Firefox in mobile layout with NC14+
* fix the controls bar position when collapsible navigation pane is open in mobile layout
* fix positioning of the "Update scanning results" button on mobile layout
* fix UI sometimes getting into inconsistent state when library path changed (invalid SQL exception on back-end)
* fix performance issue on file deletion when the user has huge amount of image files (#664)
* performance/scalability: do not search cover art for *all* users after scanning library of one user
* show load indicator on settings view while library path change ongoing
* do not scan files with MIME type 'application/ogg'
v0.9.1 2018-09-09
* fix the application layout being totally messed up on Nextcloud 14-beta and later (#660)
* fix huge library not loading with some distributions of SQLite (#239)
* show also the username used on the Ampache API when generating a password (with LDAP, this may differ from the login name) (#60)
* increase the maximum allowed clock deviation on Ampache handshake from 100 to 600 seconds (#60)
* tweak the Settings view to work better on extra narrow screens
* declare compatibility with Nextcloud 15
* replace some deprecated core API calls with the more modern alternatives
* remove a couple of forgotten development-time log prints
v0.9.0 2018-08-09
* enable playing more than one track from Files: provide next/previous buttons and jump automatically to next file after reaching the end of file (#641)
* show alphabet navigation also in the "All tracks" view
* provide "All tracks" as a playlist on the Ampache API
* when playback is started by clicking a track, it now continues also after current album and artist (affect also the scope of shuffle and repeat) (#350)
* when the play scope is limited to one album/artist, show a slight highlight around the scope
* preserve the play queue history when clicking on a track to play it, unless the play scope changes
* more visible highlight on the target playlist when dragging a track to a playlist
* make the client-side caching of cover images work already on the first time the images are loaded (instead of the second)
* do not spam HTTP requests if next/previous track button is clicked repeatedly and rapidly
* add a few keyboard shortcuts: play/pause [space], previous track [left arrow], next track [right arrow]
* focus the text field automatically when clicking to create/rename a playlist
* prevent creating/renaming playlists with empty name
* small updates on translations (although they are still very much incomplete)
* fix library being erased when library path "changed" from default (empty) value to '/'
* fix track name shown only as "Loading..." when playing a public share on ownCloud 8.2
* fix play/pause icon in front of track name moving with a delay when track changed
* fix highlighting of the current view vanishing when dragging a track to a playlist
* fix a layout bug in the details pane with narrow screen on ownCloud (not reproducible on Nextcloud)
* fix a small UI jitter on playlist create/rename forms
* fix embedded music player bar being a bit too narrow when playing public shares
* support optional `artist` filter in the Shiva API endpoint `/api/albums` (#46)
* remove the previously deprecated endpoint `/api/file/{fileId}/webdav`
* lots of internal refactoring
v0.8.0 2018-07-21
* track details pane (#656)
* show a confirmation dialog before deleting a playlist
* changed icons of "Repeat" and "Rename playlist" buttons
* cache the collection.json to file instead of DB, preventing problems with large collections on certain DB configurations (#588)
* cache collection.json also on the client-side (as discussed on #588)
* fix a layout issue in albums view which could cause empty "album slots" to show between albums (introduced in v0.7.0)
* fix unable to play tracks on some untypical proxy configurations (#650)
* fix a layout issue on album titles in the mobile view
* fix the controls bar being broken on NC13 with all versions of IE and other older browsers
* fix play icon not being shown on track which was collapsed when the playback started (regression from v0.5.6)
* fix a typo in the "reset library" confirmation dialog (#655)
* fix controls bar track info not being clickable on mobile landscape layout
* follow-up fix for the Firefox scrollbar issue (#631)
v0.7.0 2018-06-17
* improved performance of the "All tracks" view, especially with large collections (#647)
* show the track and artist names extracted from metadata also when playing a public share (#616)
* remove tracks from the index on collection path change only when strictly necessary (#627)
* allow resetting the music index from the settings view (#302)
* fix the "Show all XX tracks"/"Show less" links on all versions of IE (regression from v0.5.6)
* add "About" section (along with the new logotype by @nunojesus) to the Settings view
* small UI fixes and tweaks
* use "nodebug" version of soundmanager2 lib also in Files and Share views
* prevent log warning spamming with PHP 7.2 (#642)
* support for ownCloud 10.1
* updated the getid3 library to version 1.9.15
* internal refactoring: enforced ownCloud coding standard 1.0.1 (#643) etc.
v0.6.1 2018-05-13
* fix not being able to play file types other than mp3 and flac (regression from 0.6.0)
v0.6.0 2018-05-10
* settings view moved from the "personal settings" to the Music app itself (#625 by @greku)
* improve performance of updateFolderCover on large installations (#637 by @jmdeboer-surfsara)
* disable Music app's embedded player for individual shared files on NC13+ (#630)
* remove all data of the user when user deleted
* fix navigation pane closing on mobile layout when creating new playlist (#626 by @greku)
* fix occasional unhandled exceptions on NC13+ (e.g. #636)
* fix shared file view being broken on Chrome for Android if both Music and Audio Player are enabled (#629)
* fix horizontal scroll bar appearing on NC13 with Firefox (#631)
* fix crash on first login of a new user when the default files contain any audio files (#638)
v0.5.6 2018-02-17
* front-end optimizations (#614, #615 by @Biont)
* optimize number of DB queries when building collection.json (may help on #601)
* check validity of the passed user names in the occ command line tool (#602)
* support for `--group` option in all occ commands (#613 by @greku)
* remote playlist support on the Ampache API (#611)
* support for actions `artist` and `album` on the Ampache API (used at least by Power Ampache)
* support for Nextcloud 14
* fix controls pane layout on Nextcloud 13 and 14 (#617)
v0.5.5 2017-12-10
* fix Content Security Policy error being printed to browser console when starting playback on Chrome (#498)
* fix playing files which have '%' character followed by two digits in their name by using URL encoding (#299)
* enable running the background cleanup task on request with the `occ music:cleanup` command
* fix range requests on the endpoint `/api/file/{fileId}`
* fix files music player not being used on Chromium installations with no audio codecs (regression introduced in v0.5.4)
* remove any "broken" track entries in the background cleanup task (#588)
* workaround for not being able to play mp3 file on the "shared file" page if the file has no embedded cover (#596)
* enable client-side caching of the album cover art
* add option `--remove-obsolete` to the command `occ music:scan` to remove any inaccessible previously scanned files (#567)
v0.5.4 2017-11-10
* workaround for an authentication issue on Ampache Plugin for Rhythmbox (#590)
* improved the cover image handling in the files music player (#582)
* launch the files music player only for those audio files supported in the current browser (#591)
* enable the localization of the app (many UI strings are still unlocalized, though) (#592)
* fix previously created playlists disappearing each time the app is loaded (regression introduced in v0.5.3)
* when creating collection.json, skip tracks with DB problems insted of failing the whole process (related to #588)
v0.5.3 2017-10-15
* workaround for buffer progress bug on Firefox (#587)
* downscale cover images on the server to save bandwidth (#589)
* fix track being removed from all users when unshared from a group (#581)
* fix broken navigation bar layout on recent development versions of Nextcloud 13
* slightly improve the performance of the /collection and /scanstate endpoints with large music libraries (related to #588)
* fix /collection endpoint occasionally failing with code 500 when called during scanning
* do not show the loading indicator indefinitely if getting the /collection endpoint fails for any reason
v0.5.2 2017-09-26
* possibility to start playing a playlist without opening the respective view
* clicking the playing track again now pauses the playback
* fix current view not being highlighted correctly on the sidebar menu on Nextcloud
* fix overly long track names sometimes not being shown correctly in the player bar
* properly react to moving/renaming audio or cover image file (#417)
* show Music app icon in the personal settings on Nextcloud
* other small UI tweaks
v0.5.1 2017-09-08
* fixed Music app breaking the authentication page of password protected public shares (regression in 0.5.0)
v0.5.0 2017-09-04
* added a small stand-alone music player which plays audio files in the Files and Share views
v0.4.4 2017-08-17
* fixed scanning breaking if file metadata contains invalid UTF-8 characters (#576)
* updated aurora.js and its plugins to latest versions; this fixes some (but not all) playback problems on Chromium
* update database automatically when audio file uploaded to a publicly shared folder
* Ampache and Shiva APIs: return album tracks sorted by track number
* Shiva API: track now has field 'ordinal' instead of 'number' to follow the API specification (#453)
* the release package in github is now unsigned (v0.4.3 was signed with ownCloud certificate)
v0.4.3 2017-08-01
* fixed app not loading with too large cover images (regression in 0.4.2)
* fixed metadata parsing issue: extracting album artist, track #, disc #, or year could fail on some files (regression in 0.4.2)
v0.4.2 2017-07-31
* fixed updating from versions <= 0.3.13 (#571)
* fixed loading of embedded cover images via Ampache API
* fixed compatibility with recent Nextcloud 13 development versions
* use bigint when storing file_ids to database (#569)
* improved performance of cover image loading (#570)
v0.4.1 2017-07-24
* dropped support for ownCloud 8.1
v0.4.0 2017-07-17
* support for playlists (#555)
* improved performance and scalability (#564)
* prevent database corruption on simultaneous updates (#322, #480)
* fixed handling of local shares and improved the performance of the related hooks (#566)
* made the album and artist grouping case insensitive (#316)
* support for new file formats (when browser support available): WAV, M4A, M4B
* seeking supported also for FLAC files (when browser support available)
* fixed parsing of album artist tag from FLAC files
* fixed some charset issues by updating getid3 library to version 1.9.14 (#410)
* allowed one album to cover several release years (#279, #307)
* support ISO-formatted date tags (#430)
* improved the heuristics of deducting track number and name from file name when not given in tags
* refresh the UI automatically when the scanning process is done
* show the currently playing track in the window title
* lot of internal refactoring and small UI fixes and tweaks
v0.3.13 2016-12-20
* refactored scanner.php
* improved album art extraction performance
* improved metadata extraction (use custom patched getID3, having track and album artist as fallback for each other)
* improved behaviour of scroll links
* fixed bug in AlbumMapper.findAlbumCover
* fixed album deletion
* fixed layout (new music availability, scanning, overlapping scrollbar, autoscrolling to album, album-art resizing on window resize, mobile style fixes, viewBox to app icon)
* fixed inclusion of getID3 when required #551 - thanks @apotek
* fixed usage of deprecated APIs
* fixed playback order when playing album
* fixed disc number extraction
* fixed UI glitches #522
* improved metadata display (view track artist if different from album artist)
* add support for HTTP Range requests allowing Ampache API clients to seek files #528
* improved playback by preffering SoundManager2 and falling back to Aurora.js if the former is not available
* fixed seeking during playback
* fixed file delete hook
* fixed volume control and improved its layout
* dropped support for ownCloud <= 8.0
v0.3.12 2016-07-26
* provide bitrate and mime information in the Ampache API's song endpoint
* expose Ampache token generation API
* fixed Konrad Mosoń's profile url
* add new design for empty content
* add support for disc numbers
* add support for albumartist tag
* improved album art extraction
* fixed blank page on asset.pipeline enable
* frontend optimizations
v0.3.11 2016-04-11
* fix syntax in info.xml
* fix issues when mail app is activated
v0.3.10 2016-03-09
* general fixes for ownCloud 9.0.0
* fix missing request token for WebDAV requests - #474
* fix bug for not translated strings - #473
v0.3.9 2016-03-07
* increase robustness against removed files - thanks @jerome-pouiller - #452
* update underscore
* drop stable6 supports
* fix blank page in ownCloud 9.0
* bring in backbone
* fix some layout issues
* better SQL for the cleanup code
v0.3.8 2015-10-27
* support for ogg (#416 by pellaeon)
* fix issue with not existing prepareQuery (#411 by roha4000)
* fix failures after upload to public link shares (#436, #387)
* fix for Angular variable names (#425 by DavidPrevot)
v0.3.7 2015-07-16
* fix issue with SQL statement in background job for MySQL (#372)
* run integration tests on travis
v0.3.6 2015-07-09
* works now with ownCloud 7, 8, 8.1 and master
* fix twice opened file chooser in personal settings (#344)
* move to core shipped AppFramework (ownCloud 7.0.0+) (#390)
* proper cleanup SQL statement (#347 by butonic)
* automated tests for the Ampache API (#380)
* automated tests against stable7+ versions of core and all DBs on travis (391)
v0.3.5 2015-02-16
* reset-database command
* set length of a track in the database and expose via Ampache
* fix album count in Ampache API
* expose Album cover via (inofficial) Ampache API
* ownCloud 8 compatibility
* user interaction needed to start background scan and reload the music view
v0.3.4 2014-09-04
Thanks to Volkan Geezer (@wakeup) and Yu-De (@pellaeon)
* switch to aurora.js for JavaScript decoding of music files (ability to
support more codecs) - currently just mp3 and flac - thanks to @pellaeon
* make batch rescan incremental
* make userFolder optional - get rid of wrong type of parameter error logs
* add check for natural numbers above 0 for track number
* add --debug switch to music:scan command to list memory usage of each step
* fix for not working apps/music/#/file/ID routes
* fix broken expand track list for albums
* use WebDAV for file access as it provides a better stability and functionality
# Internal
* drop unsupported calls to ownCloud private APIs
* use dependency injection for scan command
## Known issues
* mp3 seeking isn't working
v0.3.3 2014-08-12
Thanks to Dan Mac (@danmac-uk)
* Fix undefined index COUNT(*)
* add a name to the COUNT(*) statement
* should work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite
* Fix Ampache URL confusion
* remove of '/server/xml.server.php'
* add note
v0.3.2 2014-08-12
* RESTful playlist API (thanks @wakeup - Volkan Gezer)
* Updated libraries (AngularJS 1.2.21, angular-gettext 1.0.0, drop jQuery)
* refactor cleanup method (reduce injected dependencies)
* move clean up task to separate helper class
* drop stable5 fixes as they are unused
* verified support for ownCloud 6
* prepare use of sidebar and mobile responsive sidebar
* migrate to ownCloud 7 core CSS
* add ID to ampache session - fixes issues with the DB mapper (#213)
* make user folder injectable into rescan method
v0.3.0 2014-08-06
# General
* disable share hook, because it delayed the sharing action a lot
* add index for cover_file_id in albums
* playstate is now represented in the URL
* change scan count from 50 to 20 - should fix #172, fix #212
* remove album cover search on remove of album cover (should speedup deletions)
# ownCloud 7 related
* adjusted design to ownCloud 7 (loading spinner, no shadow on icon)
* fixes to get it work with ownCloud 7 (especially public shares and Ampache API)
* fixes several typos and minor issues
# Internal
* migration from separate AppFramework to core provided AppFramework
* JavaScript 3rdparty library management is now handled by bower
* getID3 is update to v1.9.8, which fixes a memory leak - see #212
* change handling of routes in a proper way as preparation for playlist functionality - GSoC project by @wakeup
* improved documentation of PHP classes
* licence header cleanup (shrinked)
* respect the user ID on update (scanner)
## Known issues
* listen to shared files doesn't work - this is a issue of the ownCloud core and will hopefully be fixed in 7.0.2 and 6.0.5 - owncloud/core#10173
v0.2 2014-04-30
* handle shared files properly (also fixes mounted storage)
* albums with same name but different artists or years are now different albums by @leizh
* cover and track download moved to music app from files app
* stop scan loop if processed count is greater than total count
* close the session to enable parallel requests to be processed
* add notification for skipped tracks
* the music in the database is now restricted to the user specified path
* update Sounmanager to V2.97a.20131201
* fix mobile styles by @jbtbnl and @wakeup
* fix left alignment issues of artist name and tracks on mobile
* remove unused code
Known bugs:
* seeking in Chromium doesn't work
v0.1.9.1-rc 2014-03-26
* navigation bar on left is now thinned out for small screen sizes #185
* fix empty music app #184
* fix broken play for public shared music files #186
* fix rendering issues in IE10+ #188
* fix broken album request in Ampache API #189
v0.1.9-rc 2014-03-25
* allow public share music playback #124
* start/stop implementation, filelist is playlist, no repeat
* mobile styles for phone & tablet
* search provider for artist, album & track
* command to rescan the music files from ownCloud console.php
* Thanks to @leizh
* music:scan
* all users or a specific user
* improved performance on loading of artists (a lot less SQL statements)
* seek in progressbar
* redirect from music file in files app to music app (autoplay) on click
* album art priority (cover, albumart, front, folder, others)
* step by step scanning (50 on each step)
* display of scanning progress
* Chrome now uses HTML5 audio instead of flash fallback
* Ampache API (unstable)
* security
* user can generate passwords to use with the Ampache API
* ability to revoke those passwords
* new DB tables:
* ampache_sessions - session tokens
* ampache_users - generated passwords
* Ampache API (ADD and UPDATE parameters are unsupported yet):
* handshake
* ping
* artists
* artist_albums
* album_songs
* albums
* artist_songs (also supports offset & limit)
* songs
* song
* search_song
* delivery of music file with ampache token
* middleware to authenticate user with ampache token
* fix cover detection - double to single quotes - fixes #134
* fix integrity constraint violation for shared files - fix #127
* shorten index names for oracle (max 30 chars)
* fix SQL statements
* fix error while fileUpdated hook handling - fix #154
* Unknown artists, albums & titles now localizable
* allow and use NULL instead of fixed artist or album name
* add localized string to represent these albums and artists
* migration: convert existing 'owncloud unnknown ...' placeholders to NULL
* new URL generation inside the Javascript
* DB Mapper & Entities:
* Album added attributes: trackCount, artist (both not filled by default)
* Album added methods: getNameString (returns an translated string for unknown artists)
* AlbumMapper added methods: count, countByArtist, findAllByName
* Artist added attributes: trackCount, albumCount (both not filled by default)
* Artist added methods: getNameString (returns an translated string for unknown artists)
* ArtistMapper added methods: count, findAllByName
* Track added attributes: fileSize
* TrackMapper: count methods now return actual count and not an array with 'COUNT(*)'
* TrackMapper added methods: count, findAllByName, findAllByNameRecursive
* add limit ScanStatus SQL
* Tests:
* add L10nStub to properly mock the L10n class of ownCloud core
* push test coverage to 100%
* Build:
* add Makefile command to do PHP unit tests and create the test coverage
* exclude external PHP files from test coverage
* Core API:
* add call to register components to personal settings page
* fix typos
* merged l10n extraction to upstream - removed patchfiles
* minimalized travis-ci footprint
* CSRF token used for restangular queries
* AngularJS 1.2.14
* Underscore 1.6.0
v0.1.7-beta 2013-12-21
Merry Christmas release
* increase polling interval for whileplaying - fixes #131
* fix play icon bug in IE - SVGs are replaced by PNGs in IE - fixes #126
* FileAction for music files
* add api call to resolve track by fileid
* AngularJS route 'file/:id'
* PlayerController.playFile(id)
* load fileactions script on every page to register FileAction
* added input validation for year - fixes some crashes of the scanner
* fix OC5 issues with MDB2 and Oracle DB
* fix database restrictions for oracle (#120, #119)
* fix l10n-compile for non-latin languages - remove jslint warning
* fix [[ to {{ transition in translations
* removes second scrollbar
* fix angular scope issues and css issues
* fix CSS style - remove comma
* RestAngular 1.2.1
* fix some global variables
* fix l10n issues
* whitespace fix in SQL statement
* fix some leftovers of the OCA\AppFramework -> OCA\Music\AppFramework change
* $.placeholder() was renamed to $.imageplaceholder() in master
* Play indicator beside the track in the album view
* move MainController to top, so every children can use it's variables
* make alphabet navigation more dynamic
* add l10n for PHP
Known bugs:
* doesn't play mp3/ogg in IE8
v0.1.6-alpha 2013-10-05
* L10n support
* OGG metadata extraction - just works for local files - not for external ones refs #73
* proper deletion of database cache
* metadata extraction fix - disable 2GB filesize check in getID3
* use Flash fallback in Chrome - drawback: just MP3 playback - there is a notification if this is the case
* fix album art/placeholder race condition
* no more appframework dependency
* Flash unblock element
* alphabet navigation resizes with window height
* hide alphabet navigation if there is no music
* proper IE8 PNGs
* fulltree for artists only return tracks of the artist - #99
* scanner uses the shortest artist name if multiple artists are detected
* scrollbar fix - was overlaped by player bar #102
Known bugs:
* in IE 9 and 10 the play icons haven't the correct width/height (fixed in v0.1.7-beta)
v0.1.5-alpha 2013-09-24
* use images in album folders as album art
* first uploaded image to a folder is used as album art
* addition and deletion of covers is detected
* alphabet navigation bar to the left
* highlight available letters (of the artists)
* use flash 8 for fallback player
* fix ogg playback
* play the clicked song of an album and not the first song of the album - fixes #83
* limit metadatascan to audio files
* Adds clean up background job
* find covers for albums without cover
* remove tracks without files, albums without tracks and artists without albums and tracks
* AngularJS 1.0.8
* Various fixes and improvements - especially PostgreSQL
* various fixes, also for PostgreSQL
* cast number to int
* use correct sql statement for checking for albums
* unit test for case when album is null
* move casting to appframework entity
* remove blank lines
Known bugs:
* does not scroll perfect
* non-dynamic creating of the navigation bar
v0.1.4-alpha 2013-09-05
* show track number in track list
* fix icon glitches in Firefox
* show playing status icon (fixes #82)
* previous button (fixes #72)
* shuffle/repeat button (fixes #77)
* correct sorting order for playlist
* show loading state
* sort albums by year
* visualize loading state
* make scanner more robust and fix PHP errors
* disable execution time for rescan
* realign playerbar content and adding whitespace (ref #80)
Known bugs:
* clicking a song the first song of the album is played instead of the actual clicked song
v0.1.3-alpha 2013-09-04
* cliched icons (fixes #70)
* database is cleaned after update to this version
* first fixes for undetected metadata (extracts track number and title from filename)
* fix album without year issue (albums were duplicated)
* sort tracks by tracknumber and show them if available
v0.1.2-alpha 2013-09-02
stable5 fixes
* loading of getid3
v0.1.1-alpha 2013-08-29
Fixes, clean-ups and logging from JS to the backend
* log API (for javascript logging to backend)
* fix empty artists (backend)
* album view fixed
* log errors in frontend to backend
* fix playback for artist
* remove minify directive
* reset played songs and current song for playlist
v0.1-alpha 2013-08-29
First release of the new music app
* useable with OC5+
* shiva API
* metadata extraction for artist, album and track
* single page frontend
* multimedia playback in all browsers trough HTML5 and flash fallback
* testing of the backend code
Known bugs:
* shuffle, repeat and previous button are out of functionality
* non-high-resolution icons in IE8
* no Ampache support
* slow for large music collections
* tracks without artist or album are not listed in the frontend (but already in the database)
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