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@paulijar paulijar released this Jul 9, 2020 · 1 commit to master since this release

  • added artist details pane
    • the pane shows artist biography from if the API connection has been configured
    • the pane shows also the artist image if available in the user's library
  • scan artist images from files named like "Artist Name.jpg" (or any other supported image file format)
    • the file name is case-sensitive
    • the image is provided via the route api/artist/{id}/cover
    • the image is available via the Ampache and Subsonic APIs
  • support showing time-synced lyrics from file metadata (#657)
  • tabbed layout for the track details pane (#657)
  • sort tracks by the file names in the 'Folders' view (#770)
  • open all external links to a new tab
  • style all external links the same way as elsewhere in ownCloud and Nextcloud (underlined and postfixed with an arrow)
  • proper handling for the keyboard play/pause button on Firefox (unlike Chrome and Edge, FF does not yet have a full media key support)
  • fix app not working using URL with no trailing slash '/' (#765)
  • fix Nextcloud notifications window empty layout being broken within the Music app on NC16+ (#772)
  • fix the "empty album slots" layout problem reintroduced by Nextcloud 18 (#773)
  • Ampache API improvements:
    • initial JSON API support (#768)
      • the API is not yet frozen by Ampache and the spec still has some inconsistencies
    • remove the <total_count> element from all results
      • this has been deprecated by Ampache, and none of the known clients seem to utilize it
      • removing the element already now simplified the implementation of the JSON API support
    • fix action tag returning the requested genre without track/album/artist counts
    • support filter and exact arguments also in the tags action (allows searching genre by name)
    • add <art> element to the artist results
  • getID3 library updated to version 1.9.20
  • AngularJS library updated to version 1.8.0
  • drop support for ownCloud versions 8.2 and 9.x
  • drop support for Nextcloud versions 9 - 12
  • drop support for PHP 5.6
  • drop support for Internet Explorer 9
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@paulijar paulijar released this May 17, 2020 · 69 commits to master since this release

  • improvements for the Subsonic API:
    • support for the types alphabeticalByArtist and newest in getAlbumList and getAlbumList2
    • add duration property to album type response entries
    • add duration, created, and comment properties to playlist type response entries
    • fix a bug in getting tracks/albums for the "unknown genre"
    • fix several issues in the track numbering on playlists
    • fix response of getLicense to conform the Subsonic API specification (#759)
    • set API version to 1.10.2 (#758)
  • improvements for the Ampache API:
    • add support for the action tag (this was forgotten from v0.14.0 where other tag/genre related actions were added)
    • add element total_count to all responses
    • add year property to all song responses
    • proper error handling when requesting unavailable song/album/artist/etc.
    • fix several issues in the track numbering on playlists
  • fix unhandled exception if the web UI is used after the user has been logged out (#682)
  • fix 6th track being duplicated in the search mode on albums with exactly 6 tracks
  • fix navigation from embedded Files player to the Music app (broken since v0.13.0)
  • fix navigation from the search results in the Files app to the Music app
  • update AngularJS library to the version 1.7.9
  • update js-cookie library to the version 2.2.1
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@paulijar paulijar released this Apr 21, 2020 · 98 commits to master since this release

  • add 'Genres' view to the web UI
  • integrate the web UI with the (Chrome) media control API (provides e.g. support for HW keys play/pause/etc and integration to the OS lock screen)
  • improvements for Subsonic API:
    • support genres: add methods getGenres and getSongsByGenre, and add parameter genre to methods getRandomSongs and getAlbumList(2)
    • support defining year ranges on methods getAlbumList(2) and getRandomSongs
    • add year and genre properties to all album responses, add genre property to all song responses
    • support starring tracks, albums, and artists (#750) (stars are visible only via Subsonic)
    • proper paging when fetching random album list (one album returned only once)
    • optimize getting large folder contents
    • fix/tweak the logic used in the method getLyrics
    • API version set to 1.10.1
  • improvements for Ampache API:
    • support limit and offset parameters on more actions; this fixes the "Random Artists/Albums/Playlists" feature on the Ampache plugin in the Kodi media player
    • support genres using the tags feature of the API: added actions tags, tag_artists, tag_albums, and tag_songs and include tag properties on song/album/artist responses
  • drop the SoundManager2 library in favor of using HTML5 API directly
  • update getID3 to development version 1.9.19-202004201144 (should help on #123)
  • allow rescanning previously scanned tracks with occ music:scan by using the option --rescan
  • fix unable to open details pane if getID3 can't extract any metadata tags
  • fix several small bugs causing logged error notes (but no undesired behavior) at least on Nextcloud 18 + PHP 7.4
  • fix a typo in the 'Settings' view (#751 by @amalvarenga)
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@paulijar paulijar released this Mar 25, 2020 · 150 commits to master since this release

Quick fix release to fix update problems caused by v0.13.1 for some users

  • fix a logic flaw in the disk-number-migration script and make the script overall more robust (#748)
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@paulijar paulijar released this Mar 22, 2020 · 155 commits to master since this release

  • do not treat each disc of a multi-disc album as a separate album (#680)
  • fix year tag not being extracted from M4A files (#744 by @ChrisJAllan)
  • fix disc number tag not being extracted from M4A files (#746)
  • update getID3 to development version 1.9.19-202003150936
    • should fix cover art not showing up on M4A files (#743)
    • fixes the issue which forced us previously to remove one commit from v1.9.19
  • log the error if opening a file for metadata extraction fails (#123)
  • do not stop the whole scanning process if opening a file throws an exception
  • tweak the ordering of the fields in the track details pane
  • fix embedded player not showing metadata for the unscanned files (regression introduced in v0.13.0)
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@paulijar paulijar released this Feb 16, 2020 · 174 commits to master since this release

  • searching/filtering by title/album/artist/year/folder/path (#662, #367)
    • the query may freely combine details from tracks and their parent entities (album/artist/folder)
    • searching by album name and year works only in the Albums view
    • searching by folder name/path works only in the Folders view
    • quotation may be used to treat multiple words as a single entity instead of as separate substrings
    • searching by title/album/artist works also within the Files app, but this is much more limited than within the Music app
  • improved performance/scalability for huge music collections also in the "All tracks" view
  • improved quality of cover images in the Albums view and in the Ampache/Subsonic APIs (#734)
    • default size for the images is now 380px, but this can be altered with config.php using the key music.cover_size
  • Subsonic: respect the size attribute given to method getCoverArt
  • support for PHP 7.4 (#738)
  • support for Nextcloud 19
  • updated getID3 to version 1.9.19 (minus one commit which caused us problems)
  • fixed scan state being shown incorrectly after resetting the music collection
  • fixed a background color problem on NC18 with dark theme (#739)
  • fixed a null-reference problem on the postWrite file hook occurring on NC16+
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@paulijar paulijar released this Dec 30, 2019 · 231 commits to master since this release

Quick fix release for regression introduced in v0.12.0

  • fix broken scrolling in Albums and Folders views on Nextcloud 14+(#733)
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@paulijar paulijar released this Dec 29, 2019 · 233 commits to master since this release

  • improved performance for huge music collections (#728)
  • collapse the "Scanning..." popup to the bottom of the screen when there are already tracks shown (#728)
  • do not download the album cover image before scrolling to the album in question (#719, #653)
  • Ampache: Sanitize the XML results so that no illegal characters are included (#723)
  • Subsonic: Fix names containing ampersand (&) missing from the results (regression from v0.11.1)
  • Subsonic: Fix format (f=...) argument being ignored if user credentials are incorrect or missing (#730)
  • fix a potential dead-lock on Folders view deactivation
  • fix part of the screen width being unused on NC14+ with extra wide screen when the details pane is open
  • the source packages no longer contains the bundled .js and .css files which are needed for execution
  • the delivery package contains all the files needed for execution but no source .js and .css files
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@paulijar paulijar released this Nov 21, 2019 · 263 commits to master since this release

  • improved support for Subsonic API:
    • support most parts of the API v1.8 (added methods getUser, getArtists, getArtist, getSong, search3, getAvatar, getLyrics, updatePlaylist, deletePlaylist, along with a few other implemented as stubs)
    • prevent navigating to folders outside the user music path (#725)
    • fix notice "Only variables should be passed by reference" being logged
    • fix malformed contents breaking the XML responses
  • fix warning about placeholder.js being logged on NC17+ (#721)
  • fix warning about array_walk callback syntax being logged on NC17+ (#726)
  • internal refactoring
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@paulijar paulijar released this Oct 12, 2019 · 281 commits to master since this release

  • support for Subsonic API (#718)
  • truncate variable length text fields before storing them to the database (#632, #716)
  • add copy-to-clipboard buttons to the Settings view next to Ampache/Subsonic addresses and passwords
  • fix the dark theme detection on Nextcloud 18
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