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Contributing to website

Please take a moment to review this document in order to make the contribution process easy and effective for everyone involved.

Setup of a local development environment

  1. Install Wordpress >= 3.8.1
    • Must be in the document root of the webserver (otherwise images won't load :( )
    • Enter what you like for site title, admin user and password, none of this is stored in git
  2. a. Clone the www repo in a folder of your choice
    • git clone owncloudorgnew b. in the wordpress installation in the wp-content/themes folder, create a link to the folder you just cloned our www repo in under the name 'owncloudorgnew'
  3. Activate the theme in Appearance > Themes
  4. Import the website content.xml file
    • First install the Wordpress Import Plugin (via Tools > Import > Wordpress Import > Install Plugin)
    • Select the content.xml file from the www repo and click upload
    • Select Import
  5. Copy over config.php.sample to config.php and adjust settings as necessary (defaults will work just fine for local environments)
  6. In Settings > Reading assign a static front page of 'homepage'

Development Process

  • Fork the www repository
  • Setup your local development environment using the instructions above, changing the remote origin url
  • Submit a pull request to master, on github once the feature/bugfix is complete (this is so we can test it on the staging server)
  • After review (usually following two thumbs up), a developer will permit the merge into master
  • Code will be pulled onto for testing (deployment there is automatic)
  • Once the test looks good, staging will be cloned over to - this is handled by @tomneedham


  • Please don't commit straight into the master or live branches, these branches should remain as stable as possible, and changes should be discussed amongst the community.
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