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theme-example for ownCloud

Use the theme-example App

To use the theme-example app, clone or download this repository to the owncloud/apps folder on your server. Please note that the Apache user needs access rights to the folder and its content. As an example, use the following command to adjust the permissions: chown -R www-data:www-data theme-example.

When you download this repository the extracted folder name will be theme-example-master. You must change the folder name to theme-example to get the theme working out of the box.

If you change the name of the app (the folder name) from theme-example to another name, be sure to change the <id> in the file appinfo/info.xml as well. The folder name and the <id> must be identical.

Edit images

To edit images it is best to open the original images from the core\img folder with Gimp or Photoshop. After you have made changes, overwrite the originals.

Please note that the browser stores images in the cache, so this should always be deleted after changes. (

Change values

Please have a look at the file defaults.php if you want to change texts. The copyright text on the start page and other texts are well documented there.

Change design values

In the file core/css/styles.css you will find the adjustments we have preconfigured for you. You can change everything you want there. More classes and their values can be found easily with the browser console (F12 key). There you can also test directly in the browser how the change of values will be reflected. If it fits you can transfer the values to styles.css.

Integrity check

Since files in the theme must be changeable, it has not been signed by us. Therefore an integrity check warning appears in your ownCloud instance. You can deactivate it for the theme-example app by adding following config parameter to config/config.php. You can find the config directory in the root folder of your instance.

'' => [


If you have any questions you can ask them on

We are happy to help.


Sincere thanks goes to the awesome site for the background image. (Photo by Kaushik Panchal on Unsplash)


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