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ghost commented Jun 15, 2015


we had two reported issues at the forums about this message in the past:


The main problem here is that the reason/problem of this message is unclear to the end-user. I think this could be improved within the updater app.

The message itself is thrown here:


Could this be caused by a status page if https://apps.owncloud.com is in maintenance mode for example which caused a redirect to a html page instead of the download package itself?

VicDeo commented Sep 4, 2015

@RealRancor a good old bug in core caching part :
It sometimes return update feed as

array (
   'version'  => VERSION,
   'url'  => URL,

and sometimes

array (
   'version'  => array(VERSION),
   'url'  => array(URL),


This was referenced Aug 8, 2016

I’m closing this issue because it has been inactive for a few months. This probably means that it is not reproducible or it has been fixed in a newer version. If it’s an enhancement and hasn’t been taken on for so long, then it seems no one has the time to implement this.

Please reopen if you still encounter this issue with the latest stable version and then please use the issue template. You can also contribute directly by providing a patch – see the developer manual. :)

Thank you!

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