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kvlite is small open-source library for storing documents in SQL databases. Only three methods are needed to manipulate documents in database: get(), put(), delete(). At the moment supported MySQL and SQLite databases only. A document can be string, list/tuple or dictionary. Default serialization is based on cPickleSerializer methods but of course it is possible to define own serialization to store data in kvlite databases.

A document is a string, list/tuple, dictionary or any structure which can be serialized by cPickle, JSON or own serializer.

A collection is a group of documents stored in kvlite. It can be thought of as roughly the equivalent of a table in a relational database.

The format of uri (uniform resource identifier) for databases:

  • for mysql: 'mysql://username:password@hostname:port/database.collection_name'
  • for sqlite: 'sqlite://path-to-sqlite-file:collection_name' or 'sqlite://memory:collection_name'

In case when sqlite is in use two variants of collection is possible: store data in file or store data in memory.

There's two ways how to simplify access to kvlite's data: command line and web interface. Command line:

python -mkvlite.cli

Web interface:

python -mkvlite.webui


please check installation guideline <>


Developer interface