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Original project


Another databases

  • U1DB is a database API for synchronised databases of JSON documents. It’s simple to use in applications, and allows apps to store documents and synchronise them between machines and devices. U1DB itself is not a database: instead, it’s an API which can be backed by any database for storage. This means that you can use u1db on different platforms, from different languages, and backed on to different databases, and sync between all of them.
  • Storm is an object-relational mapper (ORM) for Python developed at Canonical.
  • FoundationDB
  • Whisper database, part of Graphite
  • The Whisper Database
  • Whisper database (source)
  • anandology/datastore Datastore is a simple document database that runs on any relational database. It is built with good ideas from CouchDB, FriendFeed Datastore and Open Library datastore.
  • eklitzke/schemaless Schemaless is a Python module that implements the pattern described by Bret Taylor in his post How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data.
  • MongoDB, Indexing Overview
  • MongoDB, Indexing Strategies
  • MongoDB, Indexing Operations
  • CouchDB, Getting_started_with_Python
  • Kumofs is a simple and fast distributed key-value store. You can use a memcached client library to set, get, CAS or delete values from/into kumofs. Backend storage is Tokyo Cabinet and it will give you great performance.
  • DumpTruck is a document-like interface to a SQLite database.
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