iBeacon Tour Starter is a very basic iBeacon tour starter. ;)
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#iBeacon Tour Starter

by Christopher Stevens

Note: This is still a rough work-in-progress.

This is a starter PhoneGap app built for the purpose of exploring self-guided iBeacon-triggered Drupal 8 powered exhibit tours. It's part of an upcoming presentation on the subject. Visit this evolving blog for more information.

See iBeacon Ranger, an iBeacon diagnostic tool leading the way to this app.

##Thank You

Space Foundation

This app is co-sponsored by the Space Foundation.

In addition to personal time spent on this project, extra special thanks goes to the Space Foundation team, supplying iBeacon hardware, an iOS developer account and even a few on-the-clock training hours to dedicate towards iBeacon research. The Space Foundation is aiming to improve attendee navigational experiences at the annual Space Symposium via a useful app map. We're also exploring options for future use in the Space Foundation Discovery Center. You too can help the Space Foundation achieve their mission to inspire, enable and propel, by contributing to this project. :D