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OwnTracks Android App
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OwnTracks for Android

This is the OwnTracks Android app. For setup instructions and documentation see general Owntracks wiki.

The application can be installed from Google Play.


To build a development version of the app from source, follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Download and install Android Studio
  2. Clone the project or a fork of it to your local development machine
  3. Import the project into Android Studio
  4. Click on Sync Project with Gradle files to download all the dependencies
  5. Open the SDK manager to install the required Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Build-tools
  6. The project contains a preconfigured keystore to sign debug builds. If you already have a custom keystore you can specify it in build.gradle android.signingConfigs.debug
  7. Copy the file src/main/res/values/keys.xml to src/main/res/values-1/keys.xml. If the src/main/res/values-1 directory does not exist, create it.
  8. Required: Create a custom Google Maps API Key

    1. Go go to
    2. Scroll down to Obtain a Google Maps API key and follow the instructions
    3. If you use the preconfigured debug keystore, enter BC:CF:16:C8:4B:5E:5D:2D:DA:B7:35:FF:2A:53:CF:89:83:C2:D9:65;
    4. If you use a custom keystore run keytool -list -v -keystore $PATH_TO_YOUR_KEYSTORE.jks and replace BC:CF:...:D9:65 with your SHA1 fingerprint
    5. Replace YOUR_GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY in src/main/res/values-1/keys.xml with the generated forty-character API key
  9. Build the project

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