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tagged this 30 May 07:17
- FIX: paths to binaries
- FIX: revert debian config file location
- FIX: views now have a favicon (#121)
- NEW: Table and Map now have vel and cog (#117)
- FIX: Table now correctly defaults to last 2 chars of topic for tid (#120)
- FIX: views no longer accumulate devices; the list is cleared on reload (#107)
- FIX: CSV publishes work in spite of CR at end of string (#119)
- NEW: native Debian packaging (#114)
- FIX: check whether $OTR_CAFILE can actually be opened (#109)
- FIX: image2card fixed base64 wrapping (#111)
- FIX: key for decrypting payload is now correctly lowercased from user/device
- FIX: negative lat/lon in CSV payloads
- FIX: nested object in payload no longer crashes in Lua hooks
- UPD: LWT are now stored with reltopic == 'lwt' instead of '*' (#101)
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