Voucher and paper wallet generator for the NEM ecosystem
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#Voucher and paper wallet generator for the NEM ecosystem

This is the source home of the NEM voucher and paper wallet generator app, it creates vouchers and paper wallets for the NEM ecosystem.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but is provided AS IS with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Please make sure that the private key is ONLY visable and accessible by you, save wallets to trusted storage only. If a 3rd party gets access to your private key they will be able to spend your funds. Please test the software and paper wallet before sending high amounts of XEM.

If you trust me: You can download the current precompiled version of the generator: voucher-ppwlt06 -- Apostille TX e758682b002abd85713c5dc4a5f06f4470cccdd4fc81eda167989e968fbbb464 -- Date 2018-05-05.zip

It's highly recommended to verify the origin of a generator .zip file with the NEM Apostille service (by using the free Nano wallet) don't change the filename for verification. This assures you are using a file published by me.

My publisher address for verification: NANEMA-TZVL26-LNYIBB-GOZ7X2-IQ57UR-ZLEWFT-63YZ