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Frequently asked questions
Q: I have issues upgrading. Could you help?
A: Sure, but please do have a look at the upgrading guide first :)
Q: OWTF cannot find my tools / I get errors in the report saving that "the path was not found" / Is this only for Backtrack?:
A: OWTF is highly configurable and should run on most Linux flavours (maybe some UNIX cousins too).
The configuration files for now are:
- owtf_dir/profiles/general/default.cfg -> General configuration: Tool locations, Icons for review, Default settings, etc
- owtf_dir/profiles/resources/default.cfg -> Defines how tools will be run + external links to useful resources and online tools
- owtf_dir/profiles/web_plugin_order/default.cfg -> Defines the order in which web plugins will be run
- owtf_dir/framework/config/framework_config.cfg -> Internal framework configuration (you can break a lot here, backup first!!)
The idea of the profiles is that the user should be able to define different profiles for different tests as they wish:
There is an experimental option in the command line to load a profile from a specific file location.
So, depending of the kind of tests you are doing you can define a different way to run tools, set defaults, etc
IMPORTANT: You should backup the file prior to modifying it + backup the profiles directory _always_, before upgrading OWTF.
NOTE: The configuration file defaults to Backtrack paths for the simple reason that most tools are already there (convenience)
Regarding the use of Backtrack over other Linux options, that is personal preference:
You will have a little bit less configuration changes to make on Backtrack (more convenience), that is all.
Q: Do I have to install all these tools?
A: No! OWTF does not care if the tool exists or not, if it does not exist you will see a shell error on the report, that's all :)
All the other tools will be run for you without issues
Q: I have to ^C some plugins and press Enter to go to the next one / Tool output is delayed:
A: There should be no need to Control + C plugins: what happens is that output from the command takes some time to appear on the screen
(longer than if you ran the tool by hand) due to some strange python buffer thing, the command is normally really working and will
eventually execute or die but finish either way.
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