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- Missing tools:
owtf must respect the licence from other tool/dictionary authors, therefore other tools cannot be redistributed together with owtf
In an upcoming release there will be a script to download all dependencies including tools and dictionaries to bypass this issue
- SET Integration:
The phising auxiliary plugin for integration with SET works but requires to patch SET at the moment:
Fix: You need to change the "getpass" calls to "raw_input" on, in BT5: grep -ir "getpass.getpass" /pentest/exploits/set/src/
Background issue: When you use set-automate you have no idea re whether your script worked or if the email was really sent
OWTF Approach: owtf emulates set-automate with visual feedback so that the pen tester has enough information to decide whether things worked (i.e. email was sent or not)
NOTE: Yes, this was reported to Rel1k and the wrapping code was sent to him too
Plans: There will be more SET integration in the future, SET rocks :)
- Summary Report:
The flags and filters do not work yet, only the "refresh" button and counters work (enough to get by but development is not complete)
The report is somewhat useable but needs a lot of work, to be fixed in the future.
- General:
This is a pre-alpha release, there are a lot of bugs so if you find one, please provide steps to replicate and it will be added to the to-do list