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OWASP OWTF was initially conceived and started from August 2011 by Abraham
Aranguren, as a personal project. The project was first presented publicly at
the BerlinSides conference in December 2011 and was released, as an open source
project, one week later in January 2012. It was named as OWTF then became OWASP
OWTF after being accepted as an OWASP project in August 2012.
* Abraham Aranguren @7a_ -
And here is an incomplete list of contributors who have submitted patches,
reported bugs, provided ideas, helped answer questions, and generally made
OWASP OWTF much better:
* Adi Mutu @an_animal / @am06
* Alessandro Fanio Gonzalez @alessandrofg
* Anant Shrivastava @anantshri
* Andrés Riancho @w3af -
* Anirudh Anand @f_0x7r0t
* Ankush Jindal @ankushjindal278
* Assem Chelli @assem-ch
* Bharadwaj Machiraju @tunnelshade_ -
* Chema Alonso @chemaalonso -
* Chris John Riley @ChrisJohnRiley -
* Christian Mehlmauer @_FireFart_
* Cornel Punga
* Deep Shah @dscarson1
* José Carlos Luna @dreyercito -
* Krzysztof Kotowicz @kkotowicz -
* Marc Wickenden @marcwickenden -
* Mario Heiderich @0x6D6172696F -
* Marios Kourtesis
* Mennouchi Islam Azeddine @islamoc
* Michael Kohl @citizen428
* Nicolas Gégoire @Agarri_FR -
* @notracecc
* Robert Hansen @RSNake
* Sandro Gauci @sandrogauci -
* Tao Sauvage -
* Viyat Bhalodia @viyat -
* Xavier Mertens @xme -
A big THANK YOU goes to:
* The fabolous OWASP community who took OWTF onboard, helped out in general
and also provided the platform to further assist OWASP OWTF through the
Google Summer of Code program -
* Google for offering sponsoring for many opensource projects, such as OWASP OWTF,
under the umbrella of the Google Summer of Code -
* Brucon for kindly giving away funds to support open-source initiatives such
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