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Contributor's README

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If you want to become a project contributor you might want to have a look at this:

Development IDE: Eclipse + PyDev

Installation steps (should work fine on Ubuntu / Backtrack / Kali Linux):

  1. apt-get install eclipse
  2. Install Pydev plugin using the guide present here (Better to install with update site)
  3. Use this guide to configure the python interpreter for Pydev. (Make sure you use Python 2.7 for OWTF development).
  4. Right click on code window > Preferences > Click on Show whitespace characters and make sure that Insert spaces for tabs is ENABLED!!!
  5. Ensure that 1 tab is replaced by 4 spaces.
  6. You might find the following helpful to have word wrap working in Eclipse:
  7. External library method/properties completion: Project > PyDev - PYTHON PATH > External libraries tab > Add Source Folder: /usr/share/pyshared/twisted (for twisted completion, location on bactrack 5)

Importing the OWTF pydev-project into Eclipse.

  1. In eclipse, go to files > import > general > existing projects into workspace
  2. Select the OWTF folder as root directory.
  3. Check the OWTF project in the project list.
  4. Click on Finish. The OWTF project will be imported.


In order to write the code for OWTF in the pythonic way, it is recommended to enable PEP 8 styling guide in eclipse. Follow these steps to integrate with eclipse.

  1. In your Eclipse, go to Window->Preferences
  2. Choose PyDev > Editor > Code Analysis
  3. Go to tab
  4. Choose the radio button for warning and click Ok.

Recommended reading - Commit Checklist

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