Define where your tools are

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NOTE: OWASP OWTF does NOT need all tools to be installed, it will run with what you have

In OWTF there is a main configuration file from where you can specify where your tools are.

Main Config file: owtf/profiles/general/default.cfg

Option 1) Specify full path

TOOL_SET_DIR: /pentest/exploits/set

TOOL_THEHARVESTER_DIR: /pentest/enumeration/theharvester

TOOL_METAGOOFIL_DIR: /pentest/enumeration/google/metagoofil

TOOL_HTTPRINT_DIR: /pentest/enumeration/web/httprint/linux

TOOL_WAFW00F: /pentest/web/waffit/

Option 2) Specify framework path: @@@FRAMEWORK_DIR@@@/tools/…

TOOL_WHATWEB: @@@FRAMEWORK_DIR@@@/tools/restricted/whatweb/whatweb-0.4.7/whatweb