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package datasetter
import G ""
// ReadWriter is an interface that can Read and returns a oneOfK encoded vector
type ReadWriter interface {
ReadInputVector(*G.ExprGraph) (*G.Node, error)
WriteComputedVector(*G.Node) error
GetComputedVectors() G.Nodes // Should return all the nodes in the correct order
// Trainer is a particular dataset that can be used to train a rnn
// it holds expected values
type Trainer interface {
// get the index of the expected output for offset
// for example is the expected output is []int{0,0,1,0,0}, it returns 2
GetExpectedValue(offset int) (int, error)
// FullTrainer object can return subtrainers
type FullTrainer interface {
GetTrainer() (Trainer, error)
// Float32Reader a []float32
type Float32Reader interface {
Read() ([]float32, error)
// Float32Writer writes an array of float 32
type Float32Writer interface {
Write([]float32) error
// Float32ReadWriter ...
type Float32ReadWriter interface {