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A library for developing API's following the HAL spec

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The new Mobile Oxford

This repository contains the (server-side) JSON API.


Available at Read the docs

Documentation is also available at /docs in the repo, you need to install required packages (Sphinx) from requirements_dev.txt.

You can generate HTML documentation by running make html inside the docs directory.


  • Solr 4.4
  • Redis
  • libgeos2
  • pip (easy_install pip)

How to run


  • pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the application

  • celery worker --app moxie.worker
  • python

Options available for

  • run with a profiler: python --profiler
  • specify the logging level (INFO by default): python --log-level DEBUG

Periodically, and the first time, you have to run importers to import data into the search index. You can do this via a Python shell:

>>> from moxie.places.tasks import import_all
>>> import_all.delay()
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