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import urlparse
import importlib
from moxie.core.service import Service
from werkzeug.local import LocalProxy
SUPPORTED_KV_STORES = {'redis': ('redis', 'StrictRedis')}
class KVService(Service):
""":class:`~moxie.core.service.Service` for accessing a Key-Value store.
This is the secondary datastore used within Moxie. General usage should
be for caching and as a non-critical data store.
Most development has taken place with `redis <>`_ being used
as the KV store. Currently this is the only fully supported KV store, see:
:py:data:`moxie.core.kv.SUPPORTED_KV_STORES` for details.
def __init__(self, backend_uri):
self._backend = self._get_backend(backend_uri)
def __getattr__(self, name):
"""The KV Service proxies all calls through to the underlying backend.
Since we only have one :py:data:`moxie.core.kv.SUPPORTED_KV_STORES` for
the time being it doesn't make sense to restrict the functionality.
.. note::
In future we may need to consider this API if we want to have other
supported backends. This might involve implementing a compatibility
return getattr(self._backend, name)
def _get_backend(kv_uri):
"""Following the same pattern found in
:param kv_uri: URI to the Key-value store for example
kv_uri = urlparse.urlparse(kv_uri)
if kv_uri.scheme in SUPPORTED_KV_STORES:
host = kv_uri.hostname
port = int(kv_uri.port) if kv_uri.port else 6379
db = kv_uri.path.strip('/')
db = db or 0
kv_module, kv_klass = SUPPORTED_KV_STORES[kv_uri.scheme]
kv_imp = importlib.import_module(kv_module)
kv = getattr(kv_imp, kv_klass)
return kv(host=host, port=port, db=db, password=kv_uri.password)
raise NotImplementedError("Moxie could not find an implementation for %s." % kv_uri.scheme)
def healthcheck(self):
"""Healthcheck query to the backend
# TODO this query (ping) is specific to Redis, it should be made generic at some points
# Does a PING command to Redis, response should be PONG (returns True with py-redis)
return True, "OK"
return False, "FAILED TO PING"
except Exception as e:
return False, e
kv_store = LocalProxy(KVService.from_context)