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import logging
from datetime import timedelta
from moxie.core.exceptions import BadRequest, ServiceUnavailable, NotFound
from moxie.core.cache import cache
from moxie.core.views import ServiceView
from moxie.core.service import NoSuitableProviderFound, MultipleProvidersFound, ProviderException
from import TransportService
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class RTI(ServiceView):
methods = ['GET', 'OPTIONS']
TIMEOUT = 10 # seconds
expires = timedelta(seconds=TIMEOUT)
def handle_request(self, ident, rtitype):
transport_service = TransportService.from_context()
rti_data = transport_service.get_rti(ident, rtitype)
except NoSuitableProviderFound:
msg = "NoSuitableProviderFound for: %s (%s)" % (ident, rtitype)
logger.warn(msg, exc_info=True)
raise BadRequest(msg)
except MultipleProvidersFound:
msg = "MultipleProvidersFound for: %s (%s)" % (ident, rtitype)
logger.critical(msg, exc_info=True)
raise BadRequest(msg)
except NotFound:
raise NotFound("POI {ident} not found".format(ident=ident))
services, messages, rtitype, title = rti_data
response = {
'services': services,
'messages': messages,
'type': rtitype,
'title': title,
return response
class ParkAndRides(ServiceView):
TIMEOUT = 30 # seconds
expires = timedelta(seconds=TIMEOUT)
def handle_request(self):
transport_service = TransportService.from_context()
return transport_service.get_park_and_ride()
except ProviderException:
logger.critical("Unable to reach P-R provider", exc_info=True)
raise ServiceUnavailable(message="Unable to reach provider")