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Keywords.py is a python script developed during the SPINDLE project [[blog] (http://blogs.oucs.ox.ac.uk/openspires/category/spindle/)] [website] that generates keywords from a text. It has been used during the [SPINDLE] (http://openspires.oucs.ox.ac.uk/spindle/) project to [generate keywords from automatic transcriptions] (http://blogs.oucs.ox.ac.uk/openspires/2012/09/12/spindle-automatic-keyword-generation-step-by-step/).

How to use it


python keywords.py text.txt


>>> from keywords import keywords_and_ngrams


The keywords.py script expects the text file to be in plain text format. If you have a transcription in another format, XMP for example, you should convert it to plain text before using keywords.py.


List object containing two lists of tuples. The first list of tuples contains keywords, log-likelihood values. The second list of tuples contains bigrams, number of occurrences values.

keyword-0 ll-0
keyword-1 ll-1
keyword-2 ll-2

bigram-0 n-occurrences-bigram-0
bigram-1 n-occurrences-bigram-1
bigram-2 n-occurrences-bigram-2


We include in the repository the automatic transcription of the podcast [Global Recession: How Did it Happen?] (http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/global-recession-how-did-it-happen-audio) (Correct Words = 32.9%). We selected a bad automatic transcription to show that even with a low number of correct words we can extract some relevant keywords and bigrams automatically.

    python keywords.py 01_crunch-medium-audio_automatic_transcription.txt

Keywords Generated (word: Log-likelihood)

    banks: 141.12175627
    crisis: 73.3976004078
    companies: 67.8498685789
    assets: 61.8910800051
    haiti: 47.7956942776
    interest: 41.3390170289
    credit: 39.6149918395
    crunch: 35.9334074944
    senate: 32.4501608202
    profited: 30.625124757
    sitcom: 30.625124757
    ansa: 30.625124757
    nineteen: 29.0864140753
    economy: 28.6440250819
    nineties: 27.5138518651
    haitian: 26.8069860979
    sanctioning: 26.8069860979
    center: 26.8069860979
    regulate: 25.4923775621
    hashing: 25.0818400138
    haitians: 25.0818400138
    stimulus: 24.5089608603
    united: 24.1102094531
    successful: 21.8091735308
    financial: 21.7481087661
    key: 21.6791751296
    caught: 21.1648006228
    eases: 21.0970376283
    bankruptcy: 21.0970376283
    rates: 21.0105869453
    kind: 20.8040324729
    cited: 20.6246470912
    backs: 19.9877139071
    borrowing: 19.9877139071
    crimes: 19.5817617075
    countries: 19.5490491082
    essentially: 19.334521352
    fiscal: 19.1532240523

Collocations Generated (collocation: #occurrences)

    interest rates: 5
    financial crisis: 4
    all street: 3
    nineteen nineties: 3
    credit crunch: 3
    british government: 3

Word Cloud (using Wordle)

Word Cloud


  • nKeywords: number of keywords generated by the script (default 100)
  • thresholdLL: log-likelihood value threshold (default 19)
  • nBigrams: number of bigrams generated by the script (default 25)
  • thresholdBigrams: minimun of occurrences of a bigram (default 2)



Keywords.py expects bnc.py to be in the same directory. The bnc.py script contains a list of word frequencies obtained from the spoken part of the British National Corpus (BNC) and the total number of words of the spoken part of the BNC.

You could use the script with any other word frequencies obtained from a different corpus.


Keywords.py expects stopwords.py to be in the same directory. The stopwords.py script contains a list of stopwords (words that are too common to be considered keywords). You can add or remove any word adding it or deleting it from the list.

Further information

Please check the following blog post [SPINDLE Automatic Keyword Generation: Step by Step] (http://blogs.oucs.ox.ac.uk/openspires/2012/09/12/spindle-automatic-keyword-generation-step-by-step/).

Use cases

The keywords.py script can be used as a stand-alone application or as a module importing it into your python code. It can also be used within a web framework.


All files on the directory with the exception of 01_crunch-medium-audio_automatic_transcription.txt (that is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License) are licensed under an MIT License.


#spindle #openspires #ukoer #oerri