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SAKAI - a community source Collaboration and Learning Environment

The official website for Sakai is:
The latest release of Sakai can always be found at:
To see the institutions involved in the Sakai collaboration and
their implementation status, see:
THE reference/docs DIRECTORY

This directory and its subdirectories contains the bulk of the
reference material distributed with a release.

architecture/	technical documentation and white papers

conversion/	contains the DB conversion scripts to alter
		the schema from one version to the next
loadtesting/	sample scripts used for loadtesting Sakai 
		using the Apache JMeter loadtesting engine.
webservices/	contains documentation for using Web Service
		wrappers of the Sakai API.  This is a common
		method for scripting admin tasks.
readme.txt	this file

INSTALL		A URL pointer to our online installation documentation

readme_i18n.txt		internationalization info for Sakai

RELEASE-NOTES	A URL pointer to our online release notes	a reference configuration file for Sakai


A good start for developers interested in working with Sakai is the wiki
space named "Programmer's Cafe," where many tutorials and tips have
been collected by community developers.

Technical documentation and white papers can be found in the architecture/


Bugs and other issues can be reported and tracked at:


Most Sakai collaboration happens in one (or both) of two arenas: the
collab server, and the Confluence wiki already linked to here a
number of times (

The collab server is a fully functional Sakai deployment, with sites
set up for community sub-groups, but in day-to-day activity it is
used most often as a kind of listserv.  You're encouraged to set up an 
account on the collab server and join any groups you like at:
The most active site there is the "DG: Development" site, otherwise known as "sakai-dev".


The best central location for information on sub-project status and
the variety of tools - standard or not - available for Sakai is:

Sakai code is distributed under the ECL license: