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Add documentation for additional fields now supported in jenkins

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ColinHebert committed Feb 21, 2013
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@@ -12,4 +12,8 @@ HTTPS_PORT - The port on which HTTPS requests are handled.
DB_NAME - The name of the MySQL database which should be used.
JPDA_PORT - The port in which JDPA debugger is started.
CONTENT_KEEP - If true then we don't clean the database and attempt to keep the uploaded files.
-SOLR_URL - Solr url to enable search with Solr
+SEARCH_SOLR_URL - Solr url to enable search with Solr
+TURNITIN_AID - Turnitin account
+TURNITIN_SECRET - Turnitin password
+TURNITIN_API_URL - Turnitin url
+SENTRY_DSN - URL used to send information to a sentry instance

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