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alias ssh://
announcement ssh://
assignment ssh://
authz ssh://
blog ssh://
citations ssh://
cluster ssh://
component ssh://
content ssh://
dav ssh://
db ssh://
discussion ssh://
email ssh://
entity ssh://
event ssh://
help ssh://
hierarchy ssh://
jcr ssh://
jobscheduler ssh://
login ssh://
mailarchive ssh://
mailtool ssh://
master ssh://
melete ssh://
memory ssh://
msgcntr ssh://
polls ssh://
profile ssh://
providers ssh://
reference ssh://
reset-pass ssh://
roster ssh://
rwiki ssh://
sakai-mock ssh://
search ssh://
signup ssh://
site ssh://
site-manage ssh://
syllabus ssh://
tetraelf-hierarchy ssh://
tool ssh://
user ssh://
velocity ssh://
web ssh://
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