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Sakai Search - Solr Implementation

Sakai-Solr is an implementation of Sakai Search using Apache Solr as the back end, instead of only lucene as provided in the default implementation.

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The project is divided in two modules similar to the structure of many Sakai projects:

  • impl contains the actual code of the Solr implementation.
  • pack is the module defining the Spring configuration.

The indexing process

Registration of EntityContentProducer

In order to provide indexable/searchable content, each project in Sakai can create an implementation of EntityContentProducer, which aggregate and transforms an object into an indexable resource. The content of those resources can be provided as a simple String or if required as a Reader.

Each EntityContentProducer registers itself through the spring configuration to the SearchIndexBuilder.

Specific to this implementation (should be merged back in the API later)

  1. To allow the indexation of binary files, this projects provides a new interface BinaryEntityContentProducer.

  2. Three EntityContentProducer are embedded with this implementation:

    • SiteContentProducer which allows to index sites' metadata (name, description, url). eg: searching every sites with a name containing 'biology'.
    • BinaryContentHostingProducer based on ContentHostingContentProducer, allows to index content from the resources tool. Files are streamed (hence the Binary) directly.
    • CitationContentProducer based on ContentHostingContentProducer, allows to index citations.
  3. EntityContentProducer register themselves to ContentProducerFactory which will allow to retrieve the right EntityContentProducer later. For backward compatibility reasons, it's still possible to register the EntityContentProducer on the SearchIndexBuilder which will transfer that to ContentProducerFactory.

Indexation event

Thanks to the SearchNotificationAction, every time a specific event takes place, the resource created/modified/deleted is automatically sent to the SearchIndexBuilder. Other events can be handled with registerFunction() on the SearchService.

Every event is handled by the addResource() method which will check which action create the event and read/index the content.

Specific to this implementation

  1. To handle every request as they come, a Task queueing system has been created. The queuing system may vary depending on the implementation. It is possible to use an AMQP server to queue tasks, or keep everything in memory and use an ExecutorService to execute the queued tasks.
  2. Resource properties are converted to be compatible with solr field names (lower-case alphanum with underscores).
  3. Additional properties are sent to Solr as property_ followed by the property name (to avoid collisions with solr settings).

Refresh and rebuild, index and sites

Two maintenance operations are available:

-Refresh will only refresh what is already indexed and remove what doesn't exist anymore. New resources aren't indexed -Rebuild empties the index and reindex everything.

Those two operations can be applied individually on sites or on every site in the Sakai instance.

Specific to this implementation

Heavy Tasks (applied on every site within Sakai) are split in smaller tasks to run faster and possibly be distributed if there are many Sakai instances.

The search process

The search is straightforward, the search query is run against the given sites in SearchService. SecuritySearchFilter makes sure that every result is accessible, or censors it if necessary.