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Static Site: Code Journal & Portfolio

You will create a static web site using HTML & CSS. This static site will serve as the foundation for later projects, and will contain information about your programming projects and efforts at Ada.

This is an individual, stage 2 project.

Learning Goals:

  • Practice creating semantic HTML
  • Practice applying visual styles with CSS
  • Use both HTML & CSS together to create a comprehensive design

Project Requirements

This is an individual project. It consists of a baseline and a single wave. You are only permitted to use static HTML and CSS for this project. Preprocessors (haml, erb, sass, less, etc.) and Javascript of any time are not allowed.


  • Create an index.html that has the necessary meta information to link a stylesheet called styles.css.
  • Add a <header>, <footer>, and <nav> to your index.html.
  • Create a portfolio.html page that also includes styles.css.
  • Include a link to both pages in the <nav> on both pages.

Primary Requirements

  • Add pages to your static site. The requirement is a minimum of four pages. These pages should be:
    • index.html
    • portfolio.html: information about the projects you've completed at Ada (or elsewhere) with links (to github repo), descriptions, images, etc.
    • code-journal.html or hobby-blog.html: article or blog style posts about either your journey/observations about programming or a hobby you enjoy.
    • about.html: some information about you, your interests, background or similar. Whatever you're comfortable sharing.
  • The site should follow best practices including:
    • All markup should be semantic, with consideration of hierarchy and accessibility.
    • CSS should be concise and well formatted
    • Images and stylesheets should be kept in their own folders, called images and stylesheets, respectively.

Optional Enhancements

  • Create a blog/ or code-journal/ directory. Within this directory...
    • create single html file for each entry in your blog/journal
    • update the nav on the rest of your site to reference each entry as a sublist/subnav.
    • update any tags with path references (img, link, a tags) to accomodate for the entries being in a different directory.
  • Create any number of additional pages or directories.

A Word of Caution

Lots of developers find their initial foray into CSS frustrating. Every browser implements the CSS standard a little (or a lot) differently. Learning to manipulate elements and understand the box model takes time. Floats can be especially challenging to developers new to CSS. For this project, focus on understanding the mechanics and semantics of HTML and CSS, and how the two work together.

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